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"New and old together" sales, Skoda will push the new Mingrui to the market

2021-08-27 01:51:03 Oriental Information automobile

Thanks to SAIC Volkswagen's new strategic system , Its Skoda brand has been helping to develop its products in the past two years , In the existing product layout bright and sharp PRO, However, the specific market performance depends on further proof of sales volume . For the cash sharp series , Skoda didn't give up , But with Mingrui PRO The strategy of selling together , And launched the annual modified model for cash ,3 The guide price of this new car is 10.99 Wan to 12.69 Ten thousand yuan .

Driven by new products , Is the old model still worth buying ? in fact , It can be seen from the monthly sales champion Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi , The sales strategy of new and old same hall sales will reflect the sales performance of the vehicle series , Therefore, even Mingrui with relatively better product power PRO arrival , Skoda has not completely lost the sharp series .

As a new model of the year ,2021 Mingrui has not adopted new ideas and techniques in interior and exterior decoration design , Iconic front face style and headlamp modeling , It has become the product mark of this generation of Mingrui series . In order to further enhance the competitiveness of new Mingrui products , This time, Skoda has only adjusted the configuration , But like a reversing image 、 Constant speed endurance 、 Key configurations such as automatic headlights are still unique to the top configuration .

​ And in the power part ,2021 Mingrui continues to carry a maximum power 113 horsepower 、 Peak torque 145 cattle · m 1.5 L naturally aspirated four cylinder engine , The transmission system provides 5 Speed manual and 6 There are two options of high-speed manual automatic transmission ,NEDC The minimum fuel consumption per 100 km under working condition is only 5.6 l . stay 10 In the 10000 class compact sedan market , Compared with Chery arizer, the new Mingrui GX、 Geely, Xingrui and other domestic pop models , Its competitiveness is still not obvious , Whether Skoda brand can bring surprises in the increasingly competitive market in the future , Still hope we continue to pay attention .

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