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There is no discount at present, starting from 109800 yuan. The grade of red rabbit is close to boyue?

2021-08-27 01:52:26 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Qingyuan recently announced the preferential price of red rabbit in this area : At present, there is no discount for red rabbit to buy a car ,10.98 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of red rabbit . Appearance design , new Harvard red rabbit adopts the latest family “ Tidal awakening Aesthetics ” Design , The front face adopts large-size straight waterfall chrome plated air inlet grille , It is also decorated with chrome plated trim strips , The two sides are equipped with sharp matrix LED Headlights , The daytime running lights of the vehicle are arranged in the fog lamp area below , When lit, it improves the recognition of the front face . It is worth mentioning that , The new car is also surrounded by different colors under the front bar , Looks very personal 、 fashion . On the side of the car body, Harvard red rabbit has adopted fumigation treatment on the reflector and door handle , Improve its sense of motion in a relatively simple way . The rear is equipped with a contrast diffuser , And the black tail of the roof is also very eye-catching , When the matrix through tail lamp is on , It goes well with the cool atmosphere created by the appearance of the whole vehicle . interiors , The design of Harvard red rabbit has both a sense of youth and a sense of science and Technology . for example , The dashboard 、 Air conditioner outlet 、 The seats and other details are decorated with orange , It increases the sense of youth . The sense of science and technology is mainly reflected in the design of the embracing cockpit 、 LCD instrument panel and suspended central control LCD screen . On the power , Harvard red rabbit is equipped with a new generation of Harvard 1.5T high power GW4B15C The engine , The most powerful 135kW(184Ps)/5500~6000rpm, Peak torque 275N·m/1500~4000rpm, collocation 7 Wet double clutch transmission , 100 acceleration only needs 7.7 second . Harvard red rabbit also has a very rich configuration . The specific term , All Harvard red rabbits are equipped with automatic headlights as standard 、 Sensing windshield wiper 、PM2.5 Filter unit 、7 Inch LCD instrument 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Tire pressure display, etc , The medium and high configuration models are also equipped with 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Driving assistance functions such as road traffic sign recognition .

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