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Four cylinder engine 1.5T power 'Regal' Willan Pro / Willan Pro GS was launched on September 10

2021-08-27 01:52:27 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , SAIC GM Buick announced that Willan ( Parameter picture )Pro/ Wei long Pro GS The model is officially open for pre-sale , Will be in 9 month 10 It was officially put on the market on April .

Wei long Pro/ Wei long Pro GS The model is the same as this year 4 It was officially unveiled at Shanghai International Auto Show in June , The new car adopts the latest family design language , Wei long Pro GS The appearance focuses on sports and fashion , And Willan Pro More stable business . The appearance challenges of the two cars are quite obvious , Equipped with more slender and sharp smoked headlights , There are true openings on both sides of the front enclosure , interiors , The sense of science and technology has been further strengthened , Standard 10.25 Inch dual screen , And equipped with the latest eConnect 3.0 Intelligent Interconnect System , Support human-computer interaction 、 Voice recognition control 、 Navigation 、 Multimedia and other functions , Technology configuration has also been comprehensively upgraded . However, the most important change of the two vehicles is the replacement of the eighth generation four cylinder turbocharging 1.5T The engine .

Specifically, Willan Pro GS The front grille transverse molding , With larger brands LOGO, Recognition is enhanced , Cut holes on both sides of the front surround of the new car 、 Anterior lip 、 The exterior rearview mirror and other parts are decorated in black , Besides , The new car will display the red light on the left side of the grille “GS” The logo is moved to the lower left corner area , Further highlights the sportsmanship .

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