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All non-compliance must be removed from the shelf within 7 days! Regulate short-term rental housing, Beijing Tongzhou shot

2021-08-27 01:54:48 Beijing daily client

Tongzhou District recently organized the urban network letter 、 Public Security ( Network security 、 Population 、 Security )、 Housing and construction departments jointly held a deployment meeting to standardize the operation and management of short rent housing , Facing Tujia 、 Love and welcome 、 Where are you going? 、 Piglet short rent 、 Same with Cheng Yilong 、 Ctrip 、 Meituan 、 Woodbird 、 Flying pig, etc 9 The short-term rental housing platform has carried out policy publicity and implementation , Non compliant listings will be in 7 Remove from the shelf within days .

according to the understanding of , The price of short rent housing is low 、 Good location 、 Less formalities , To some extent, it caters to some travelers “ Save money and live short ” The needs of , However, most short-term rental housing operators are individuals who are free from Supervision “ Middleman landlord ”, Long term rent and short term rent run concurrently or do short-term rent under the banner of long-term rent , Seriously disrupt the order of the housing rental market , It is urgent to bring it into standard management .

The meeting requires all platforms to give full play to their main responsibilities , Strict information release and review . Compared with the four departments in Beijing 《 Notice on standardizing the management of short rent housing 》, Improve the user agreement , Optimize the website short rent housing information release and accommodation personnel information filling and verification system , Clarify the responsibility of content review , Strengthen internal management , Assign responsibility to individuals , Strictly control the information release gateway , Eliminate the release of illegal houses from the source .

“ Who the hell is checking in 、 What are you doing in the room , landlord or landlady 、 Operators and short-term rental network platforms do not master , We have issued a hard request this time , After the meeting 7 Intraday , All non-conforming houses will be removed from the shelves .” Yang Di, deputy squadron leader of the population grass-roots detachment of the District Public Security Bureau, introduced , Short rental housing is for rent only 、 Mismanagement is very common , High tenant mobility 、 The check-in time is uncertain 、 Mixed personnel , Easy to become prostitution 、 Drug addicts , Even the hiding place of violent terrorists , Seriously affect social security .

“ We will rely on the special class for standardizing the operation and management of short rent housing , Bring short rent housing into community grid management , Give full play to street and township 、 Community 、 Property service enterprises 、 Residents and other forces , Strengthen daily inspection , adopt ‘ Whistle for duty ’ Organize multi department joint law enforcement , Find a place 、 Investigate and deal with one .”

Zheng Qing, head of the marketing department of the district housing and Urban Rural Development Commission, introduced , next step , Online dynamic patrol will be increased , Bring other Internet platforms concurrently engaged in short-term rental housing information release services into the scope of supervision , If you find any illegal house source information, you should immediately ask to get off the shelf , Strengthen the law enforcement and punishment of illegal information release platforms , Realize the dynamic clearing of illegal short rent housing .

source : Beijing City sub center newspaper  |  The reporter Liu Wei

edit : Wang Qiong

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