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The 3-year hedging rate exceeds 70%, which is of good quality and worth recommending

2021-08-27 02:00:12 Car loving Corps

If a car has a high hedge rate ? The most recognized in the used car market is “ Two fields ”, So Toyota 、 Which of Honda's SUV Is the hedging rate of the model high ? The three-year hedging rate exceeds 70% What are the models of ? I'm from Toyota 、 Honda brand recommends 3 paragraph , Not only the hedging rate is high , Quality , And the space and practicability are not bad .

Toyota RAV4 Rong Fang

Three year hedging rate 72%

We from “ First car network ” Query to , Toyota RAV4 Rongfang's three-year hedging rate is as high as 72%, And I was curious to check the public Tiguan L Three year hedge rate data , Had only 62%, It's not as good as RAV4 Rongfang's residual value is higher . Although used cars pay attention to one car and one condition , But if you use the average data , View of path L Still far inferior to RAV4 Rong Fang .

RAV4 Rongfang is a compact SUV, The target models are Honda CR-V、 Nissan X-Trail 、 View of path L Models such as , But recognition in the market ,RAV4 Rongfang has a certain advantage , Especially in the South China market , Consumers in the South RAV4 Rongfang's recognition is very high , Plus Toyota's quality and reputation , Make RAV4 Rongfang has become a hot seller with high hedging rate SUV.

Honda CR-V

Three year hedging rate 73%

and RAV4 The model with the same value preservation rate of Rongfang is Honda CR-V, We found its name from the first car network 1、2、3 The annual hedging rates are 80%、76% and 73%. To be honest , Such hedge rate data is placed in the current compact market SUV market , Also in the front row .

If such a hedge rate doesn't mean anything , Look at the better selling Harvard H6, Its 3 The annual hedge rate is 60%, In fact, it's not particularly high . But the three-year hedging rate is higher than 70% Of , It proves that the market recognizes it very highly .CR-V The advantage of is also very obvious , fuel-efficient , durable 、 The space is also very spacious ,20 The selling price is about ten thousand yuan , For consumers , It is a very suitable home SUV.

Toyota Highlander

Three year hedging rate 78%

The last one is Toyota Highlander. I believe there is no doubt , Hanlanda's hedging rate is recognized by the market , Although hannanda did not reach the peak of Prado , After driving for several years, it can still be sold higher than the original price , Although hanlanda is not so exaggerated , But the three-year hedging rate is as high as 78% It's enough for competitors to catch up .

Highlander is a medium-sized SUV, Known as medium SUV The benchmark of , It's in space 、 Resale value 、 durability 、 It is the most perfect car in terms of appearance and other comprehensive aspects , Although the single advantage is not prominent , But combining all the advantages , Hanlanda is an invincible SUV. Although its hedging rate is as high as 79% It is also recognized by the market .

Wrote last , Why do I recommend you to buy models with high hedging rate ? Because the money spent , I don't want everyone to depreciate quickly after a few years , And models with high hedging rate , At least it can make you not lose too much money when changing cars in the future , It's that simple .

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