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Hunan: draw a tripartite red line to standardize the enrollment behavior of secondary vocational schools

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Red net time 8 month 23 - ( The reporter Pan Jin ) In recent days, , Department of education of Hunan Province 、 The Department of human resources and social security of Hunan Province has formulated 《 Interim Measures of Hunan Province on handling violations of enrollment in secondary vocational schools 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Way 》), And will 9 month 1 Effective as of .

《 Way 》 What is the general idea and main purpose of ? What's new 、 new measures ? How to respond to the people's expectations and concerns about sunshine enrollment ? Wang Renxiang, deputy director general of Hunan Provincial Department of education, answered the reporter's questions on relevant issues .

One 、 Excuse me, 《 Way 》 What is the background of the introduction ?

answer : Vocational education is an indispensable type of education , And secondary vocational education is an important cornerstone of modern vocational education system , Develop secondary vocational education , Maintain the basic position of secondary vocational school , Is the country's economic development 、 Industrial transformation 、 The common need of social stability .

Based on this understanding , In recent years , Hunan actively implements the Party Central Committee 、 Decision and deployment of the State Council on vigorously developing vocational education , According to the requirements of a series of documents of the Ministry of education regulating the enrollment and running of Secondary Vocational Education , In strict enrollment discipline 、 Standardize the enrollment order 、 A lot of work has been done in the implementation of sunshine enrollment . provincial department of public education 、 Provincial People's and social security department 、 The discipline inspection and supervision team of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision stationed in the Provincial Department of education has continuously carried out the special rectification of outstanding problems in the enrollment and running of secondary vocational schools in Hunan Province , And bring this special rectification into the special treatment of infringement of people's interests in the field of education in the whole province , For each enrollment violation , Pursue responsibility according to discipline and regulations .

While vigorously carrying out special rectification actions , Hunan always adheres to the fine, dense and firm “ Institutional fence ”, take “ Current change ” And “ Long standing ” Combine , In terms of establishing rules and regulations “ Three steps ”

2018 year , provincial department of public education 、 The provincial human resources and Social Security Department officially opened “ Hunan secondary vocational education sunshine enrollment information platform ”, whole province 412 The enrollment information of secondary vocational schools is approved by the Provincial Department of education 、 After the provincial human resources and social security department summarizes and records , They are published to social authorities through the platform , For each secondary vocational school “ Inhibition Charm ”;

2020 year 5 month , The Provincial Department of Education issued the first provincial administrative measures for the establishment of secondary vocational schools and detailed rules for the implementation of the management of specialty establishment , Clarify the basic conditions and processes of the newly established secondary vocational schools and majors , Curb chaos in schools and professional settings , Promote the implementation of sunshine enrollment , So as to build a road for the new secondary vocational school “ Iron threshold ”;

The third and key step , This time 《 Way 》 The introduction of .2020 year 8 month , Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee 、 Wulan, leader of the leading group for education work of the provincial Party committee, presided over the special meeting , Make it clear that the education department will take the lead in improving relevant policies , Strengthen the management of secondary vocational education , Plug policy loopholes from the source , Standardize enrollment and school running behavior , According to the requirements of the meeting , We have formulated the 《 Way 》. As the first provincial education in China 、 Formulated and issued in the name of the human resources and social security department , Define the actions of the parties 、 Clarify the detailed rules for the handling of violations of enrollment in secondary vocational schools ,《 Way 》 The introduction of no doubt makes the regulation more targeted , It also gives violators nowhere to hide .

The introduction and implementation of relevant document systems , To crack down on violations of enrollment in Secondary Vocational Schools , Creating a fair and orderly enrollment environment has played an important role , It has ensured the sustained and healthy development of secondary vocational education in the province . By 2020 end of the year , The number of students in secondary vocational schools across the province has reached 70.37 ten thousand people , Year-on-year growth 3.58%, recruit students 25.75 ten thousand people , Year-on-year growth 2.2%.

Two 、 Please briefly introduce 《 Way 》 The introduction process .

answer : from 2020 year 11 Months to now ,《 Way 》 It was nearly a year from brewing to the final calendar , period , We organized a drafting expert group to carefully study relevant laws and regulations , This paper analyzes the current situation of illegal enrollment , meanwhile , Hold a seminar for the chief of the vocational and adult section of the municipal and State Education Bureau , Fully listen to the opinions and suggestions on standardizing the enrollment work of secondary vocational schools , formation 《 Way 》 first draft . And then , And solicit the relevant municipal and county education administrative departments 、 Secondary vocational schools 、 A technical college 、 Opinions of junior high school , Listen to grassroots principals 、 Front line teachers 、 Opinions and suggestions of private secondary vocational school organizers , Yes 《 Way 》 Modify and improve .

3、 ... and 、《 Way 》 What is the main idea of development ?

answer : Standardizing secondary vocational school enrollment involves secondary vocational schools 、 Junior high school 、 Education Administration , It is closely related to the majority of students' parents , It's a system project 、 People's livelihood project . therefore , stay 《 Way 》 In the process of development , Hunan has thoroughly implemented the important exposition of general secretary Xi Jinping's occupation education , Safeguard the vital interests of the people , For Hunan Province “ Three high and four new ” The strategy provides strong technical skills and talent support .

say concretely , Is to achieve “ Three are good for ”

First, it is conducive to accelerating the implementation of the national and Hunan vocational education reform implementation plan , Guide cities, prefectures, counties and urban areas to implement the main responsibility of government running schools , Optimize and adjust the layout of secondary vocational schools , Focus on running public secondary vocational schools , Support and expand the scale of high-quality secondary vocational schools , Improve the quality and efficiency of running schools .

Second, it is conducive to guiding social forces to participate in the holding of secondary vocational education , Improve the school environment , Let the social forces with real educational feelings get in 、 Well done , By punishing violations, the conditions will be poor 、 Random enrollment 、 Private secondary vocational schools running schools in disorder are eliminated , Avoid inferior competition 、 A vicious cycle .

Third, it is conducive to creating a good environment for the development of vocational education , Improve the reputation of Vocational Education .

Four 、《 Way 》 What are the main contents ?

answer : As Hunan province implements the sunshine enrollment system 、 An operational document to standardize the school running behavior of secondary vocational schools ,《 Way 》 It is the recruitment of high school students in Hunan Province “ Six prohibitions ” Inheritance and expansion of , The purpose is to eradicate the problem in the enrollment process of secondary vocational schools “ Red thread ”、 The more “ The bottom line ”、 Rush through “ minefields ” All kinds of violations .

《 Way 》 Adopt entry structure , According to the internal logic of the definition and investigation of enrollment violations in Secondary Vocational Schools , In style, there are 14 strip , The main contents include the identification, investigation and handling of enrollment violations in secondary vocational schools , Identification, investigation and handling methods of junior high school students' participation in illegal enrollment , Identification, investigation and handling of violations by competent departments, etc .

《 Way 》 clear , In the process of enrollment in Secondary Vocational Schools , There is “ For the purpose of enrollment, cooperate with junior high school students or intermediary institutions 、 Individuals sign various forms of paid agreements ” etc. 10 In one of these situations , Identified as enrollment violation ; Junior high school students come from schools and teaching staff “ Sign an enrollment agreement with secondary vocational schools for the purpose of obtaining economic benefits ” etc. 7 In one of these situations , Identified as participating in enrollment violations ; In the process of supervising and handling the enrollment violations of secondary vocational schools or the participation of junior high school students in the enrollment violations by the school competent department , There is “ The information uploaded by the secondary vocational schools under its jurisdiction on the sunshine enrollment information platform of secondary vocational education in Hunan Province is not strictly controlled , Cause false platform information to deceive students ” etc. 6 In one of these situations , Identified as a violation .

Against the above three parties 、 Participation in violations , All cases shall be investigated and handled according to the seriousness of the circumstances , Anyone suspected of committing a crime , Transfer to judicial organs according to law .

5、 ... and 、 Please introduce 《 Way 》 What are the main policy innovations ?

answer : Compared with previous similar policies , We think 《 Way 》 We should innovate the system mainly from three aspects 、 Strengthening measures :

Draw a three-way red line .《 Way 》 It not only lists various situations of enrollment violations in Secondary Vocational Schools , meanwhile , It also identified the participation of junior high school students in illegal enrollment and the illegal acts of relevant competent departments , List the specific circumstances of their violation or participation in the violation , And clarify the investigation and handling methods for the three parties , So as to close the exit 、 Strictly guard the entrance 、 Standardize the whole process , Build a strong institutional firewall , Make sure there is no dead corner .

Double supervision .《 Way 》 Regulations , When secondary vocational schools and junior middle school source schools have enrollment violations , Its competent department shall immediately start relevant investigation procedures , If the violation is serious 、 The impact is bad or the case is complex 、 Great social impact , If necessary, the Provincial Department of Education 、 The provincial human resources and social security department shall organize relevant departments to participate in or directly investigate and deal with , So as to realize the control of each violation subject 、 The investigation and punishment of violations cover .

Make a list .《 Way 》 clear , Private secondary vocational schools have enrollment violations, and the circumstances are particularly serious 、 With bad social influence , In addition to ordering them to stop enrollment 、 Except for the revocation of its school running license , School related personnel will be included in “ The blacklist ”, Never become a new sponsor or actual controller of a private school 、 Members of decision-making bodies or supervisory bodies .

6、 ... and 、 What measures will the Provincial Department of education take to promote 《 Way 》 carry out ?

answer :《 Way 》 Upcoming 9 month 1 In force on , How to ensure 《 Way 》 air plant 、 Get results ? We think we should make efforts from three aspects :

In depth and detailed deployment . Through the working session 、 Special training, etc , Read the document item by item , To guide and urge municipal and state education 、 Human resources, social security and other departments according to 《 Way 》, Formulate and improve the specific system or implementation rules for dealing with local enrollment violations .

Strengthen supervision and inspection . Organize the special visual guidance of spring and autumn education and teaching and guide the city and prefecture to carry out comprehensive supervision and inspection , Timely investigate and deal with the enrollment violations of secondary vocational schools and the participation of junior high school students in enrollment violations , Insist on Kwai Tai's illegal behavior 、 Punch hard .

Strengthen mechanism guarantee . Supervise and guide all localities to build a recruitment platform for secondary vocational education , Combine the enrollment platforms of ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools into one , Unified enrollment publicity 、 Volunteer to fill in 、 Admission 、 Registration, etc , Fully implement the sunshine enrollment system .

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