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Double card: "agricultural loan" helps farmers solve difficulties, Rural Revitalization and industrial development run out of "acceleration"

2021-08-27 02:08:51 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Luo Wei Li Linyun He Jialin ) In recent years , Shuangpai County Office of Hunan Agricultural Credit Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. combines the actual situation of the local county , Launch bamboo and wood loans 、 Fruit loan 、 Cattle and sheep breeding loans and other agricultural loan products , Actively provide financing guarantee services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers , Strive to solve the financing difficulties of agricultural scale operation entities 、 Financing is expensive .

Walk into lijiangyuan village, Longbo town , In the green mountains , A sheep shed made of fir stands prominently on the hillside . This year, 50 Tang Baojun is the owner of the sheep shed , I worked in foreign affairs in my early years 、 After business . He was born in animal husbandry , After market investigation , Take a fancy to the good mountains and water in my hometown , A few years ago , He went back to his hometown with his wife and started goat breeding .

Tang Baojun said :“ The village has good geographical conditions , Thousands of Mu in the back mountain is an excellent grazing area , In addition, many people in the village moved out , There are fewer crops , Raising goats is the best thing .”

ad locum , The goats are thirsty and drink spring water , Hungry, gnawing weeds . Because it's natural breeding , Tang Baojun's sheep are very popular , They were sold out as soon as they came out . After several years of development , Black goats have grown from the initial dozens to more than 600 , And in group 7 of xiadeng village 、 Two breeding bases have been established in shaziping, lijiangyuan village .

The market is good , Tang Baojun, who has tasted the sweetness, is ready to expand the breeding scale again , But the liquidity on hand is limited , It gives him a headache .2021 year 5 month , After the double licensing office of Hunan agricultural loan learned about him , Take the initiative to come and publicize the agricultural policy for him , And for his needs , After careful review , Handled for him 40 Ten thousand yuan goat breeding loan , The immediate problem , Once solved .

Tang Baojun said :“ I don't just raise sheep now , Also planted a lot of pasture . Next, it is planned to introduce a batch of fine goat breeds .”

Like Tang Baojun , Yuan Yuhui from baiwutang village, Wulipai Town, is also a beneficiary of agricultural loans .2017 He returned to his hometown to develop industry in , Not only contracted fish ponds, but also engaged in four fish farming , More than 100 mu of land has also been transferred , Planted golden pears 、 Cuiguan pear and Woju .

Seeing the industry develop better , Yuan Yuhui wanted to continue to expand the scale . He is worried about money , With the help of the agricultural insurance company , Successful loans 100 Ten thousand yuan , Continue to expand carp 、 Crucian carp breeding scale .

Yuan Yuhui said happily , Now the base is gradually expanding as planned , According to the market situation this year , It is expected to achieve output value by the end of this year 180 More than ten thousand yuan .

Early autumn , It's when the Pitaya is ripe , Red fruits hang like rubies on green branches , It's very gratifying . Walk into the four seasons orchard in Wulipai town , He Shoubao is organizing workers to pick 、 Carry 、 sorting 、 Basket loading , Ready to send to foreign fruit supermarkets and wholesale markets .

He Shoubao is a famous local fruit grower , After he retired from the army in his early years, he worked in Dao County 、 Development of double brand junction area 、 Red Bayberry and other fruits are planted , It's profitable .

“ With money and Technology , I just want to do something for my hometown .” With a new heart , He Shoubao returned to his hometown Wulipai town for nearly 600 Acres of land , Built an agricultural picking leisure park . He said :“ I took a fancy to the obvious traffic location advantages of my hometown , I plan to develop all kinds of seasonal fruit planting , Ensure that there are fruits to be picked all year round , Attract tourists to leisure and sightseeing 、 Experience the fun of pastoral picking .”

In order to better develop , He Shoubao also established Yongzhou Yingfeng Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd , Expand the processing and sales of agricultural and sideline products 、 Agricultural technology training 、 E-commerce services 、 Eco leisure tourism business . meanwhile , Actively apply for agricultural policy support , It solves the problem of seasonality of fruit and long input time cycle , The problem of shortage of working capital .

“ The investment time of agricultural picking leisure park is long 、 The recovery of economic benefits is relatively slow , Thanks to the support and help of the government , To have a company 、 The continuous development of the base . at present , There are oranges in the four seasons orchard 400 Mu 、 pitaya 30 More than mu 、 strawberry 30 mu , Fruit picking from the beginning of the year to the end of the year has become a reality .” He Shoubao said .

Hunan Nongdan Shuangpai office since 2017 It was reorganized and established in , In recent years, by strengthening the publicity of agricultural policy , Active action , Help local agricultural scale operators to standardize and resolve project risks , Solve the financing problem , The large-scale operation of agriculture has achieved healthy and rapid growth , The Rural Revitalization of agricultural industry has run out of acceleration . for the past several years , Accumulated agricultural guarantee loans 112 pen , Help the local development of bamboo and wood processing 、 Chinese medicine 、 Cattle and sheep breeding and other industries , Drive the whole County near 6000 People are employed , The total agricultural output value increased 3.6 One hundred million yuan , Increase the per capita income of the agricultural population 5000 element , Effectively help rural revitalization .

Leader in charge of Hunan Nongdan Shuangpai Office 、 Liu Guotian, the second level chief staff member of the County Finance Bureau, said :“2017 Since then , Accumulated agricultural guaranteed loans 1.1 $ , Number of insured households at present 60 Many households , Insured amount 4000 More than ten thousand yuan .‘ the 14th Five-Year Plan ’ Stage , The center strives for the insured amount to reach 100 million .”

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