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Bayern beat Cologne for 74 consecutive goals, breaking the record

2021-08-27 02:20:23 Beijing daily client

Beijing time. 8 month 23 Early morning , Bayern Munich are at home in the second round of the Bundesliga in the new season 3 Than 2 Narrowly beat Cologne , While winning the first victory of the season , It also allows the team to score consecutive goals in the official game 74 site , Set a European record “ Five leagues ” New record .

In the first round , Bayern were drawn away by menshing Gladbach . Before the game , The two teams are 8 month 15 German legend gaid, who died on the th · Muller held a brief memorial service .

Levan's goal helped Bayern open the door to victory , Also let the team refresh “ Five leagues ” A record of consecutive goals .

Bayern returned home and opened the situation in the second half , The first 50 minute , Levandovsky connected with musharra's left cross to push and break the door , The goal kept the Polish striker in a row 12 A Bundesliga goal , Equal the personal best record ; He has played continuously in various competitions on behalf of Bayern 15 Score a goal in the game , Second only to GAD · Mueller's 16 site . meanwhile , This goal also made Bayern the first consecutive team in history 74 Europe, which scored in an official game “ Five leagues ” The team , Refresh Real Madrid in 2013 to 2014 Season after season 73 A record of goals in a game .

Soon after Levin scored , Gabriel took advantage of the other defender's mistake to go to the next city . however , After that, Cologne team suddenly made efforts , They are 3 Two goals in minutes , Quickly equalize the score . The critical moment , Gabriel's at number 71 Minutes, a small angle shot in the restricted area broke the door , Help Bayern 3 Than 2 Win the first win of the season .

The front page of Bayern's official website reported the game . In addition to the war report , In the lower right corner, there is also a special mention of gaid before the game · The memorial service held by Muller .

“ The results were great . This is an open game , It's a bit like the game against menxing . We still have a lot to do , Need to improve .” Bayern coach David nagelsmann focused on the team's defense after the game ,“ We lose the ball too often , We can do better at this point . Football is a game of consequence , In the end, from our point of view , The result is good .”

According to the schedule , Bayern will play twice a week this week , First challenge away in the German Cup in the middle of the week SV Bremen , Then at home against Hertha Berlin in the League at the weekend .

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