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Why doesn't Cadillac maintain its value and fall seriously? The old car owner said four reasons. I hope you know

2021-08-27 02:20:31 Oriental Information automobile

Cadillac is a car brand in the eyes of many car owners , Compared with BBA Come on , It's not a luxury brand at all , But anyway , Other people's positioning is always a luxury car brand . The price of Cadillac has fallen seriously recently , Many car owners believe that the price is really out of their luxury positioning , Because the price reduction is really big . So you know why Cadillac doesn't keep its value , Serious price drop ? The old owner said 4 The big reason , Look around .

The first reason is : The homogenization of products is too serious

Since Cadillac is called a luxury car brand , Then nature has its advantages , Whether it's the history of the brand, the product power or the research and development of Technology , Cadillac is indeed a good brand . However, its products are very homogeneous with other GM products , Take Cadillac XT4 For domestic , As we all know, the biggest selling point of this model is that it has closed cylinder technology 2.0T Engine and 9AT The transmission , But soon after that , Another GM brand , That is, Chevrolet uses the same thing on a certain model , And this model has more advantages than Cadillac , So in this case , Who will buy Cadillac ?

The second reason : The reputation of their own products is general

To tell you the truth, the reputation of American cars has always been difficult to compare with Japanese cars and German cars , Just look at our market , Many people admire Toyota Volkswagen , But it doesn't have such a good reputation for American cars . There are many small problems , For example, engine failure , Abnormal noise of gearbox, etc , Although these small problems are not serious , But I'm still very bored when I often meet , The frequent occurrence of these small problems directly makes car owners ignore that it is full of materials , The advantage of strong power . To put it bluntly, it's still my own problem , There is no better word of mouth . Although these small problems have been greatly improved , But compared with the word-of-mouth effect , Or more people will be willing to choose Volkswagen and Toyota , Therefore, price reduction may also be a way for Cadillac to improve its reputation .

The third reason : Suffer BBA The pressure of the

In fact, except Cadillac , Many luxury car brands have been BBA Too much pressure to breathe , Like Lexus , jaguar , Infiniti and so on , Just say , Cadillac and Lexus are a little better , But the pressure is still great , Under such pressure , If it doesn't take any measures , Then it is difficult to continue to gain a foothold in this market , It may fall into a marginal state like Infiniti . So Cadillac chose the price reduction mode , In order to improve their sales . There is a good saying , You think you made , But the boss will never lose . It should be most suitable for Cadillac , In the final analysis, it's just under pressure , It's just a difference between earning more and earning less .

The fourth reason : Dealer's strategy

What do you think the dealers like to see most ? sales , You can make money only if you have sales , This money is not just the cost of making cars , You should know the maintenance and repair of the car in the later stage , maintain , Insurance and so on are all big expenses , Especially the maintenance fee , Cadillac's maintenance fee is very expensive . So at this time, you said that the car could be sold cheaper , It's good to earn more follow-up expenses , Or how many units can't be sold in a year and a half , It's better to starve to death in the end ? Smart people will definitely choose the former, won't they ? Maybe many car owners will say , Can dealers have such great ability to adjust prices directly ? It is rumored that , That's really it , The dealer can solve the discount level by himself .

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