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Shanghai Nangang 4410 model 3 ships exported to Europe

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  [ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We learned from the official account of Shanghai Lingang , Shanghai Nangang in 8 month 20 The first batch of Tesla foreign trade ro ro vehicles were exported on the th . according to the understanding of , The total export is 4410 platform Model 3 models , All are manufactured by Tesla Shanghai Super factory , It will be exported to Europe, Belgium and the port of zebrouge .

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   It is reported that , Shanghai Nangang is the only open port connected with the land area in the new port area . Previously, the Shanghai municipal government disclosed , Lingang New Area 2021 The annual output of complete vehicles is expected to exceed 60 Thousands of cars , It is expected to achieve a breakthrough in vehicle export 10 Thousands of cars ; The annual output of Tesla Shanghai plant located in Lingang New Area is expected to reach 45 Thousands of cars , The total number of exported vehicles is about 6.61 Thousands of cars , The localization rate will reach... By the end of the year 90% about .

 Tesla China  Model 3 2021 paragraph   Modification  Performance High performance all wheel drive version  3D1

   According to China's auto sales data released by the passenger Federation ,7 In January, Tesla's wholesale sales reached 32968 car , Year-on-year growth 199%. end 7 month , Tesla has sold more than 20 Thousands of cars . It is worth mentioning that ,7 In January, Tesla's export volume exceeded... For the first time 2 Thousands of cars , rose 385%, among Model 3 Exports hit a new high , achieve 16137 car ; and Model Y The first month of export achieved 8210 Results of .( writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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