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No fake real car spy photos of Euler cherry cat at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-27 02:31:42 Car home

  [ Car home Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We got a set of from relevant sources Euler cherry cat ( Parameters | inquiry ) No fake real car spy photos of the model . Euler cherry cat is 2021 The mass production model of Euler cat at Shanghai Auto Show , The new car will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Chengdu auto show .

   Friendship tips : I hope enthusiastic netizens can take spy photos of your new car , And send it to our corresponding mailbox :[email protected], I look forward to hearing from you , And become “ Spy ” A member of the .

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   aesthetic , Euler cherry cat basically retains the previous “ Big cat ” The overall appearance style , Compared with other models of Euler , Cherry cat's style is obviously much stronger . You can see , The design language of the new car continues from now on WEY Brand's models , As an electric vehicle, the new car adopts a new fully enclosed front grille .

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   Side view , Euler cherry cat keeps a SUV The basic body style of the model , The rising waistline and the lower edge of the window increase the sense of movement . meanwhile , The tail of the new car also adopts a relatively simple design , The tail lamp echoes the shape of the head lamp .

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   The interior , The driver's seat biased design gives the driver some care , The larger screen in the central control also conforms to the most popular design aesthetics , The instrument panel is in the form of full LCD . At the same time, the center console of the new car in the spy photo is beige / Black matching style , The visual effect is more inclined to daily use .

   motivation , According to previous official information , The car will have two drive and four-wheel drive versions , 4WD version 0-100km/h Acceleration can achieve 5s within . meanwhile , The new car will also be Euler's first model equipped with cobalt free lithium battery , The endurance capability of the long endurance version will reach 600km.( writing / Car home Ma Aijun )

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