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Open the journey of krypton tri electric technology and uncover the hard core strength of zeekr 001 tri electric system

2021-08-27 02:43:23 Vehicle vision technology

The battery 、 The motor 、 Electronic control is the core technology system of electric vehicle , Directly affect the final performance of the product , It is also a key factor for users to consider when buying a car . therefore , For newcomers , Only master “ Three electric ” The core technology , To lock in competitive advantage . It is a deep insight into this key point ,“ Luxury hunting sedan ”ZEEKR 001 To empower with technology , Create the ultimate safety with strict standards far beyond the national standard 、 Extremely efficient “ Xinsandian ” System . that , As the first model of krypton ,ZEEKR 001 On board “ Xinsandian ” What are the advantages ? 8 month 19 Japan ,“ Hardcore —— Journey of krypton three electricity technology ” Give the ultimate answer .

Ensure the safety of pure electric travel ,ZEEKR 001 make “ Electric core - Battery pack - Vehicle ” System wide protection

Safety is the core of new energy vehicle technology research and development , It is also the largest luxury of new energy vehicles . Located in the luxury hunting sedan ZEEKR 001 Not only through technical upgrading and combined with advanced battery management system to ensure the battery quality 、 Battery pack safety , It also creates a high-strength body with the global super five-star safety standard , cast “ No heat spread in the ”、“ Don't be afraid of bumping ” System wide safety hardware strength of the whole vehicle .

ZEEKR 001“ Xinsandian ” After an extremely severe test , Test projects as many as 472 term , Beyond the national standard 122%, Only provide users with products with safer quality . This time “ Hardcore —— Journey of krypton three electricity technology ” Specially set 48 Hours of immersion 、 Rigorous tests such as heating and thermal diffusion , Fully confirm ZEEKR 001“ Xinsandian ” Safety and stability of . In the immersion experiment , Put it in the water 48 Hours of “ Pole core ” The battery pack has no leakage 、 inlet 、 The shell is broken 、 Fire or explosion , Liquid cooling system 、 The air tightness of the battery pack meets the requirements , It can be charged and discharged normally ; In the thermal diffusion test , After super 800℃ After heating ,“ Pole core ” The battery pack did not spread 、 The phenomenon of fire .

ZEEKR 001“ Pole core ” The battery pack adopts high-voltage single crystal battery with high energy density and thermal stability safety Ni55 Electric core , Improve the thermal stability of the cell from the material level . Plus NTP No heat spread technology , adopt “ Partition ”、“ row ”、“ prevent ”、“ police ”、“ cold ”、“ break ” Six safety precautions , Realize multi-layer insulation 、 Barrier free heat removal 、 Implement prevention and control 、 Automatic warning 、 Active cooling 、 Millisecond power failure ,360° Ensure the high reliability of the battery 、 High security .

ZEEKR 001 It is also equipped with comprehensive self-study BMS System , Cloud 、 Vehicle end 、 Pile end three end coordination ,7x24 Hours battery doctor real-time diagnosis , Strong guarantee “ Pole core ” Durability and safety of battery pack .BMS Master the core and underlying technology of the system , It is responsible for monitoring the status of the whole package , Provide communication for power system 、 Security 、 Cell equalization and thermal management control , And extract key parameters and upload them to the cloud server , Ensure the normal operation of the battery pack . adopt BMS The system can synchronize the battery status in the cloud 、 Vehicle end running detection 、 Pile end charging diagnosis , Three end collaboration ,7x24 Real time early warning of hourly safety system , Ensure that vehicle information is updated in real time , Strong guarantee “ Pole core ” Safety of battery pack .

From cell material selection to BMS System ,ZEEKR 001 With new technology and all-round safety design , Refresh the three electricity safety standards . In addition to the three electricity system , Body frame 、 Passive safety also directly affects the safety performance of the whole vehicle .ZEEKR 001 Build a high-strength body with global super five-star safety standards , The comprehensive stiffness of the vehicle body reaches 40000N·m/deg, Not only has 15 Column side impact 、 just 45º Wheel release force , positive 25% Label safety technologies such as offset collision , It also has high-strength integrated design , adopt 202 A rigorous system level test , Whether it's a small angle positive collision 、 Side impact 、 Column impact under various working conditions 、 Or spherical bottom, etc , Have been fully considered , Further improve driving safety .

With the ultimate safety “ Xinsandian ” System and all-round passive safety protection ,ZEEKR 001 With the whole system level vehicle safety , Spare no effort to solve users' concerns about the safety performance of electric vehicles , So as to bring users a higher quality future travel experience .

Enhance the efficiency of pure electric travel ,ZEEKR 001 make “ Supplementary energy - drive - Recycling ” The whole link is extremely efficient

ZEEKR 001 With “ Under ideal conditions , Charging can be realized as soon as possible 5 minute NEDC Endurance increased 120km” The ultimate energy replenishment speed 、 Up to 97.86% Motor efficiency and SOC The average accuracy can reach 3%, make “ Supplementary energy - drive - Recycling ” Of “ Full link ” Extremely efficient , Perfect solution for users “ Long charging time ”、“ Short endurance ” Pure electric travel anxiety .

Battery , The industry-leading extreme charging technology makes ZEEKR 001 Have “ Under ideal conditions , Charging can be realized as soon as possible 5 minute NEDC Endurance increased 120km” The ultimate recharge experience , Let users feel close ZEEKR 001 Charging efficiency , Solve effectively “ Charging anxiety ”.

Motor , It has the first mass production of three in one flat wire technology in China 、 Electric drive power density is the world's leading ZEEKR 001 The maximum efficiency of virial motor can reach 97.86%, While minimizing energy loss , Recover excess output energy , Efficient conversion into battery energy storage and reuse , bring ZEEKR 001 It can accurately show the endurance ,SOC The average accuracy can reach 3%, Higher than the national standard 200%.

at present ,ZEEKR 001 The motors are from electric power and Weirui respectively , Under the high standard of krypton , The wheel end torque of both motors is 3840N·m. In order to dispel users' concerns about the differences between the two electric drives , Blind test has been carried out on two electric drives of dianchan and Weirui . From the actual feedback , The two motors are based on the requirements of the whole vehicle , When the whole vehicle accelerates 、 Power consumption of the whole vehicle and NVH The performance of noise control is completely consistent . It is worth mentioning that , No matter which motor you choose, the first non operating owner can enjoy lifelong free warranty rights , Effectively relieve users' worries .

Lead the trend of pure electric travel ,ZEEKR 001 Promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles

With the advent of the era of automobile electrification , With batteries 、 The motor 、 Three electricity technology with electronic control technology as the core value , It will become the main source of competitiveness of enterprises in the new energy vehicle market , It is also the basic skill required to respond to the continuous upgrading and iteration of new energy vehicles . Polar krypton “ Xinsandian ” Based on the stringent unified standards of extreme krypton , From battery cell to battery pack to vehicle system level safety , The whole link from energy supplement to output to drive and recovery is efficient , This is krypton's R & D and ⽣ To invest tirelessly in ⼊, So as to lay the foundation for ZEEKR 001“ Xinsandian ” Leading edge .

ZEEKR 001 Was born in SEA The first pure electric vehicle of vast intelligent evolution experience Architecture , Thanks to the SEA The vast intelligent evolution experience architecture is based on the hardware layer 、 The system layer and ecological layer build a trinity three-dimensional layout , Based on the concept of pure electric drive , Integrated high-strength design of body structure and battery structure , With its own security attributes . Plus extreme efficiency 、 Extremely safe, advanced “ Xinsandian ” System ,ZEEKR 001 It will certainly ignite the hearts of potential users of electric vehicles , Lead the development trend of pure electric travel in the future , Let's look forward to ZEEKR 001 Bring more surprises !

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