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Fill up deficiency and work hard to eat "summer duck"! Beijing time-honored duck cooked food "out of the circle"

2021-08-27 02:43:26 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 The first day is the solar term of summer , After the consumption of hot summer , People think that Duck is “ The holy medicine for tonifying asthenia and fatigue ”, Old Beijing also has the traditional custom of eating ducks in the summer . The reporter learned that , Daoxiang village, Beijing 、 All time-honored brands in Quanjude have launched all kinds of duck cooked food , And make it into vacuum packaging , It is convenient for citizens to bring home seasonal delicacies .

At Dongcheng food fashion store in Daoxiang village, Beijing , The 24 solar terms limited delicacy of Zushu Lily duck has been put on the counter early .“ The cherry valley duck is selected for the summer Lily duck , With lily 、 chrysanthemum 、 Marinate with honey and rock sugar , After slow cooking, it turns jujube red , Fresh and tender .” The shop staff said , This summer Lily duck is available in every store , It has been selling well since it went public .

Quanjude, which is famous for its roast duck, has also launched vacuum packaging Hand shredded pickled duck , Consumers can buy... Through online shopping malls , Cooked duck with soy sauce, ready to eat , It is also convenient for citizens to eat time-honored delicacies without going out .

In Hongbin building 、 Another Shun and other time-honored restaurants , Roast duck is also at the top of today's takeout order .“ Last weekend, many customers ordered roast duck , In recent days, the number of duck takeout is almost three or four times as much as usual , Especially popular .” Gao Jianlin, manager of Hongbin building, said . The sales volume of crispy duck in Yuhuatai is also expected to double than usual , Youyishun's duck dishes are also very popular .“ Not to mention the roast duck and sesame duck in the store , Today, even duck paws with mustard are on fire .” Another Shun manager Tong Haibo said .

Sesame duck meat with roasted meat is the most popular among white-collar workers , Many people order this famous dish for their work lunch ; Malianliang ducks in xilaishun are also popular , This morning, 10 P.m. , Many customers have come to buy takeout .“ Ma Lianliang has a lot of takeout ducks these two days , Especially today , Almost the usual two 、 triple , The store specially arranged three masters to cook in turn , Guarantee takeout supply .” Zhang Liping, manager of xilaishun, said .

In addition to eating duck , Some places also pay attention to eating fish . Summer is the season for fishing in many places , It's also the time for fish to go to the market in autumn . The fish head with tea oil and chopped pepper in Quyuan restaurant and the home cooked mandarin fish in the grand master banquet , Double flavor mandarin fish in Makai restaurant on Changchun Street , Steamed fish for the barbecue season , Dried and roasted fish from Yuhuatai , Braised yellow croaker in Emei restaurant , Fish dishes such as milk roast fish in Dadi western restaurant , With the arrival of the summer season, we welcome the takeout fever .

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