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This domestic MPV is coming! The appearance is better than song max

2021-08-27 02:47:02 Oriental Information automobile

If MPV How did it develop , Well, then. , The first... Was released from the United States MPV After model , This kind of car is popular all over the world , And unexpected development trends affect many people's choice of cars . Of course , China will not miss this opportunity , For example, BYD , Gac and kei , Wuling Hongguang and other well-known brands are in MPV A lot of research has been done on automobile models , It is conceivable that they play an important role in the automobile market suv The car's comparable performance .

So today we want to talk about this car is made in China MPV, received , This kind of car is what everyone wants to sell very hot a few days ago , The song dynasty max A comprehensive contest , But from the current word of mouth , Everyone seems to like this one more. Look at BYD's new strategy , This car is owned by GAC motor GM6! So this one GM6 Will it become the next classic ?

From the aspect of its appearance design , There are a lot of changes compared with many popular cars now , For example, the latest family design of trumpchi is adopted in his front face design —— Lingyun wing style , Put this MPV The display is very domineering . And this time its grid adopts multi banner , Just connected to its headlights , Highlights the sharp feeling of headlights .

In its side, it has a full sense of lines , And this time it's still used in the rear of the car , Very popular pulling-through Tail lights , It not only increases its recognition , It also improves the level and highlights the logo, Then we can see that in the whole , Its shape design is very unique , Compared with Song Dynasty max It has a very strong competitiveness !

And in terms of its interior , In order to highlight its comfort , A lot of soft materials are used , Packaging design for this , And it covers a wide range , From the centre console to the seat , Believe in this MPV It will bring you and your family rich enjoyment space . And its body size is compared , The song dynasty max It seems a lot bigger , The degree of spaciousness can also be imagined . Of course , He continues the tradition of using a special steering wheel , In technology , Also done perfectly .

In terms of configuration , What we usually see MPV Like automotive products , Rich sense of intelligence , And for young people , They are looking for the more talented suv automobile , because suv Cars are much better than... In terms of configuration MPV, But this kind of GM8 It has also made contributions to the younger generation .

Who knows what I mentioned is his motivation , Trumpchi gm6 Will continue to use gm8 Owned 2.0t turbo motor, But according to the relevant information , There will be some changes . Are you excited about this new car ? It seems that our appearance gives us infinite surprises .

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