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Geely star l wants to benchmark Audi q5l and BMW X3! Who gives you confidence?

2021-08-27 02:49:54 Oriental Information automobile

The more lucky star L Recent official posters , Let go. I'm going to fight 10 A poster , Said to crush the current popular 10 Mainstream joint venture SUV. except 20 Million mainstream joint venture compact class SUV outside , Even Audi Q5L、 BMW X3 Such luxury brand models .

The three routines of mobile phone manufacturers in the past , Hunger marketing 、 Run points 、 Benchmarking apples , Car manufacturers are starting to follow suit , Column parameters 、 Hunger marketing 、 Benchmarking joint venture , But the stars that have been blown up by the major media are becoming more and more L How about the actual product force ? Here we're going to pour a basin of cold water .

We've seen a lot of domestic cars in the past two years , To turn over the car , It doesn't seem to match the joint venture car , It proves that their car products are not strong , This also makes many consumers start to think about a problem , Domestic cars and joint ventures , What's the difference ?

Is the difference in size ? Obviously not , The size of domestic cars at the same price , It's already far more than a joint venture car , At the same price, you can often buy higher-level domestic cars .

Is it bad configuration ? Neither ,10 More than ten thousand domestic cars , Maybe it's better than 40 The configuration of the joint venture car is higher , Zhongtai and others can hit high-end configurations such as electric suction doors 10 Ten thousand yuan . All kinds of LCD meters 、 Looked up and show 、AR Navigation 、 Electric tail gate 、 Intelligent interconnection , In this regard, the joint venture car can't catch up .

Is it three big pieces ? It doesn't seem to be either , The engine parameters of many domestic cars look better than those of joint ventures , Various parameters show that your scalp is numb , I couldn't help getting up and cheering .

It looks like this , It seems that the joint venture car really has no advantage , Is it that the identity and brand appeal of the joint venture car are left ? In terms of product power , Has the joint venture been completely defeated by domestic cars ?

I don't know when to start , The car circle began to be parametric , Hardware only , Some half baked auto we media should bear the main responsibility , Under their deliberate guidance , It seems that parameters and hardware can determine the product power of a car . But the car , It's essentially a car , It's a travel tool , Shouldn't its driving experience come first ? Talk about configuration 、 Talk about parameters 、 Talk about hardware , Don't you have to go back to the final driving ? And the previous domestic cars , The biggest problem is , In power matching 、 There are many shortcomings in chassis tuning , There is a big gap between the quality of driving and the joint venture car .

Undeniable? , The more stars L It's a car that looks strong in terms of parameters , The whole series is equipped with Volvo Drive-E Series of 2.0T High and low power engine , The data for low power engines are 160kW and 325N·m, High power engines have 175kW Maximum power and 350N·m Peak torque . matching 8AT and 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . High configuration models with Borg Warner 4WD system . The appearance design has the style of Volvo , Interior design , The three large screens also have a sense of science and Technology .4770mm×1895mm×1689mm Length, width and height dimensions , And reach 2845mm The wheelbase , It's really a big circle larger than the joint venture model at the same price .

In terms of product power , The more stars L Surpass the joint venture compact level of the same level SUV, I absolutely believe in , Because with the brand premium and the profits of the joint venture , The more stars L There is a benchmarking Toyota RAV4、 Honda CRV Wait for the strength of a group of opponents , But compared with Audi Q5L、 BMW X3, It may seem a little too big . If nothing else , The two cars match in drivability , The balance between comfort and handling of the chassis , It is difficult for domestic cars to catch up with and surpass .

Said so much , I still hope that whether it's car companies 、 Media or consumers , Return to the original heart , Parameters and hardware do not represent the experience , If car circles are like mobile phone circles , If you don't like it, run a point , Hang and hit the apple , While ignoring the importance of training and matching , It will bring the whole auto industry off track . And for cars , Matching and tuning are more important , It can be said that it is three hardware , Seven point adjustment .

As a Chinese , I also hope , Our domestic cars can really stand up , Not only surpass joint venture vehicles in China , We should go global , But I know very well , Relying on marketing and stacking hardware , It is no use , Only by cultivating internal skills hard , Only domestic cars can rise .

source : The old driver talked about the car

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