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With fierce appearance and fashionable interior, Harvard's "divine beast" will be released at Chengdu auto show on August 29

2021-08-27 02:49:58 Oriental Information automobile

since 4 month 19 Haval's new concept car was released at the Shanghai auto show on the th XY since , It has attracted the attention of many consumers . In recent days, , Learn about... From relevant channels , The harvard “ Mythical Animals ” Will be in 8 month 29 Released at Chengdu auto show on the th . The new car is a compact car based on the coffee intelligent platform SUV. Power on , Or will carry 1.5T The engine 、2.0T Fuel version and hybrid version of the engine .

Look at the appearance , Using Harvard's new design language , Front face geometric polygon dot matrix front grille , Like the big mouth of a beast , Swallow everything . The split headlamp groups on both sides are matched with the through type LED Lamp with , Show a delicate feeling . Lower through type lower grille , Can better reduce wind resistance , And cool the battery pack of the hybrid model . The front and rear surrounds are all decorated with orange trim strips , Show the sporty temperament of this car .

Strong body waistline , Improve the muscle strength of the whole body . Concealed door handle , Bring a strong sense of advanced . Broad wheel eyebrows , With oversized wheels , It shows a strong off-road style . The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4780/1890/1675mm, The wheelbase is 2800mm, Bijave H6 The size of other models is larger .

Rich tail design , It has a strong three-dimensional feeling . present V Zigzag tail lamp group , High recognition when lit . The small tail with slightly upturned top and the large blackened diffuser at the bottom wrap the exhaust holes on both sides , It shows good athletic vitality .

interiors , The new car may adopt fashionable and simple design style , The overall interior atmosphere is full of science and technology , Wrapped in a large area of soft materials and decorated with chrome plating , Bring a good luxurious texture . Large size double screen design of center console , Create a strong sense of Technology . configuration , It will be equipped with Great Wall Motors coffee intelligent system , With full scene intelligent interaction 、 Personalized voice interaction and other functions , Improve the comfort of passengers in the car . motivation , Will carry a code name 4B15C Of 1.5T High power four cylinder engine , The most powerful 184 horsepower , Maximum torque 275 Cattle meters . It may be launched in the future 2.0T Fuel version and lemon hybrid DHT Version of the model .

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