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To explore the new direction of wealth in Dawan District, Teana thought gathering was held in Shenzhen

2021-08-27 02:50:02 Oriental Information automobile

New Express News Reporter Zhang Lei reports 8 month 21 Japan , Jointly created by Dongfeng Nissan and Phoenix finance 《2021 Phoenix Financial Summit and Tianlai thought gathering 》 Activities , Held in Shenzhen . As a high-end interactive platform for ideas created by Dongfeng Nissan Teana , Teana sixianghui joins hands with top celebrities in the industry , Feel the pulse of the times and the trend of economic development , Share investment philosophy and wealth management knowledge , Decoding personal value-added and advanced ways .

In the keynote speech , Guests Ren Quan and Qin Shuo shared the investment rules and trend orientation , Speculative exchange on the way of investment , Interpret the pulse of economic development , Common insight into the next rich outlet in Shenzhen .

In the subsequent round table forum , Zhang Jihui, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., joined the two guests , From the stock market 、 Property market 、 Entrepreneurship and other hot topics of public concern , Conducted in-depth communication with Teana car owners .

Zhang Jihui said :“ Dongfeng Nissan hopes that through the Teana series of activities , With friends who love sounds of nature , With big guys in different fields , Share and exchange insights on Trends , And hope to bring inspiration , Help urban elites realize self appreciation and advancement , Enjoy the sounds of nature .“

As the value benchmark of domestic joint venture medium and high-grade vehicles , Dongfeng Nissan Teana is equipped with the world's first mass-produced variable compression ratio turbocharged engine VC-TURBO Super variable engine , Equipped with the ProPILOT Super intelligent driving system , It has become the first domestic joint venture mass production medium and high-class car to realize L2 Models with level automatic driving assistance . Not only in the , Teana also uses Nissan Connect Super Zhilian , It has the leading intelligent vehicle networking in the same level , Realize people 、 vehicle 、 The Internet is fully interconnected , Connect the world anytime, anywhere .

At the market side , Dongfeng Nissan Teana this year 1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume increased year on year 44.3%, Continue to sell well , Expanding market share , Become a valuable representative of medium and high-end cars sought after by consumers .

according to the understanding of , Teana has successfully held two sessions .2021 Teana will also be in Shanghai 、 Chengdu 、 Three major cities in Hangzhou held , With the owner of Teana , Feel your pulse , Explore hot spots and wind directions .

source : The new express

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