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Why not up to 800 Volts? What is the difference between the two motors? Bottom electrode krypton 001 three electricity technology

2021-08-27 02:50:16 Oriental Information automobile

Hello everyone , I'm a dialect . Polar krypton 001 It is one of the few new energy brands to open higher , This model is at the beginning of blind booking , Someone around me placed an order on the spot , It can be seen that its popularity is high . It can be used in the motor dual selection launched by krypton 、 After some configuration options , It caused a lot of controversy . Based on this , stay 8 month 19 Japan , The krypton three electricity tour has solved a series of battery problems for us 、 The motor 、 Related technologies of electric control . The electric colt brings many prospective owners and issues that owners care about , To find out .

Before breaking up the two motor schemes about polar krypton , Dianju published 《 Polar krypton : Face the growing pains 》, The article says , Polar krypton 001 The motor comes from power and Verizon , The wheel end torque of both is 3840Nm、 There is no difference in acceleration time from zero to 100 km , Moreover, the ordering user can freely choose two motor versions . So here comes the question , Since the wheel end torque and 100km acceleration parameters are the same , What's the difference between power production and Verizon ? I don't think anyone can answer this question better than krypton Engineers . To address this issue , Dr. Li Mingyuan, a krypton three electricity technology expert, said : The stator winding forms of the two motors are different , Round wire winding is adopted by Japanese power industry , Weirui uses flat wire winding . Flat wire winding has better heat dissipation , Therefore, Weirui uses water cooling to dissipate heat , Japanese power products use oil cooling to dissipate heat . What users are most concerned about , The peak torque of Nippon electric motor is 384 N·m, Later, the peak torque of Weirui motor on the Ministry of industry and information technology was 343 N·m, How to understand ?

First of all, the author believes that , Krypton as a car manufacturer , Facing such an important core component of motor , It's impossible to use only one supplier . Since it is a different supplier , It as like as two peas , If so, it involves patent plagiarism . for example , Polar krypton 001 The requirements for the motor supplier are , To achieve 100 km acceleration 3.9S, The torque at the wheel end is 3840Nm These two hard indicators , Then the two suppliers of Nippon power and Verizon will come up with different solutions . So two suppliers , One family made an electromagnetic scheme A, The other company is doing Electromagnetic Scheme B, One is more suitable for flat wire , One is more suitable for round lines , The reverse voltage obtained by making a round wire is a little higher , However, it still meets the safety requirements of Party A's father , It did 384. The other family also meets the requirements of Party A's father , But it's based on the flat wire scheme , It can be achieved through the optimization of the whole cost and efficiency 343. In fact, for numerical differences , Krypton engineers didn't expect users to care so much . So at the event , Polar krypton 001 Two prospective car owners were invited to discuss krypton with different motors 001 Conducted a test drive , During the test drive , Two krypton 001 All show 3 Second level 100 km acceleration , Faster and more 180km/h about , And there is no difference in driving texture . Electric core - Battery pack - Since the whole system protection of the whole vehicle is a three electricity trip , Except motor , You can't do without a battery cell and a battery pack . One of the purposes of this trip is —— Is to explain polar krypton 001 Thinking about safety . Battery safety has always been a common topic in the field of new energy vehicles , How to achieve “ No heat spread in the ”、“ Don't be afraid of bumping ” It has become the common goal of every car enterprise . Polar krypton 001 The battery pack adopts high energy density , High voltage single crystal with better thermal stability and safety Ni55+ Electric core , Plus NTP No heat spread technology , Ensure battery safety in all aspects . Battery pack safety test under extreme conditions , Include 48 Hours of water immersion 、 Battery pack 、 Heat diffusion 、 Falling from height, etc . besides , Polar krypton 001 Equipped with self-developed BMS System , It can monitor the battery around the clock , Extract key parameters and upload them to the cloud , Ensure the normal operation of the battery pack . If there are hidden dangers or abnormalities , The system will immediately notify the vehicle and the owner .

It is reported that , Polar krypton 001 Of “ Xinsandian ” Through 472 Test item , Among them is 48 Hours of immersion 、 heating 、 Rigorous tests such as thermal diffusion . In the immersion experiment ,“ Pole core ” The battery pack is placed in water for up to 48 Hours , There was no leak in the whole process 、 inlet 、 The shell is broken 、 Fire or explosion, etc . As for the air tightness of liquid cooling system and battery pack , It also meets the test requirements , It can be charged and discharged normally ; In the thermal diffusion test , After super 800℃ After heating ,“ Pole core ” The battery pack did not spread 、 The phenomenon of fire .ZEEKR 001“ Pole core ” The battery pack adopts high-voltage single crystal battery with high energy density and thermal stability safety Ni55+ Electric core , Improve the thermal stability of the cell from the material level . Why not 800V The platform is well known , porsche Taycan Turbo S After coming out , Then came the biggest 800V Voltage platform . The introduction of high voltage platform is to improve the charging efficiency of the whole vehicle , Realize rapid energy supplement at the vehicle end . The author thinks , The implementation of any revolutionary technology needs the cooperation of the environment . Include 800V Voltage platform . Whether technology can be achieved is on the one hand , Whether the environment allows or not is another aspect . Besides , Including whether the supplier's products can meet 800V Platform requirements , And whether the existing charging facilities can allow , All obstacles 800V Obstacles to the popularity of the platform . as for 800V problem , You can refer to Porsche Taycan 800V High voltage charging platform , Limited by charging current , At present, the maximum power is only 350kW. This is far from 800V At the level of unrestricted charging current . Dr. Li Mingyuan also said that :“ZEEKR 001 This is the product to be delivered this year , So we think ZEEKR 001 Currently adopted 400 V voltage structure is more suitable for the current development status of the industry . Because you also know that if the voltage goes high , In the supply chain of the whole system and the whole charging infrastructure , At present, it is not particularly perfect , So we think 400V The voltage platform can better meet the actual travel needs of users at present .

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