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"A sudden holiday", the polarized "Durian"

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《 A sudden vacation 》, A rare 、 Non suspense subject matter 12 A short play . The heroine's play called durian , He also lived himself into a Durian , Some people avoid it , Some people can't put it down .

Some people think the play is right 《 London life 》 Wait for the poor imitation of British and American dramas , Only learned “ The heroine is not likable ” The fur of .“ Comedy is not a chicken flying dog jumping without quality , Women's theme is not hypocritical moaning ”, An audience commented in Douban .

Others agree with its unusual expression .“ There are really domestic urban dramas , Willing to settle down and take photos of the loneliness of urban people , There is really a platform willing to pay for such expression . Even stream of consciousness 、 fragmentation 、 Weakly dramatic untyped beat .” The critic of the play, the tin drum, said .

Most disputes , All from the jumping heroine durian : She will suddenly rush into the dance floor while watching modern dance and dance with the actors ; Walking on the roadside, I saw the abandoned sofa , Just jumped up and jumped around ; Because I don't want to get married and break up with my ex boyfriend , But when I can't help missing, I will run to his house and kiss him ……

Durian jumping on the sofa

Such a heroine , stay B Standing in the atmosphere is harmonious . As B Stand alone play ,1.2 Ten thousand people hit it 9.6 The high score ; In Douban ,3.4 Ten thousand people played 7.5 The scores of .

For the Creator ,《 A sudden vacation 》 It was a nervous attempt .

In the past of its producer, Wannian film industry 12 In a short play , It's a strong plot suspense drama that can leave a mystery in each episode , Urban emotional drama like this is also the company's first attempt , Also in 《 A secret corner 》 Then the first play on the line . When seeking cooperation early , This play is often due to “ Too pioneer ”“ No benchmarking ” And be questioned .

“ A lot of people will ask me , What is the hook of your play ?”《 A sudden holiday 》 Producer Lin Xicong is also very clear , It's not too strong “ hook ” The play of , The most attractive thing to look down , Durian herself .

《 A sudden holiday 》 The heroine durian

“ Would you like to come and see durian's life with me ? This may be the strongest hook of the story .

A sudden thought

2019 In the summer , A small cafe in Chengdu , When Wang Jiaxi met her college classmate Chen Ling , I feel a little bored .

As 30 Years old screenwriter , The living situation and creative environment they face are not satisfactory , And domestic dramas 30 The lives of 20-year-old heroines are very different .“ Most of them have cars, houses and children , Live a successful life in the secular sense , But we're still confused , There is no mature drama work yet .”

“ Like a new boxer , After learning for many years, I still can't punch .” On Wang Jiaxi's way as a screenwriter , She has heard many positive or negative voices , But the road ahead is not clear , She can only choose to keep hitting the wall 、 Trial and error , And cheer yourself up .

Durian, who has just resigned, is confused

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