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How does "pleated skirt" look better? Learned to be elegant and tall

2021-08-27 03:05:11 Oriental Information automobile

Still worried about how to become an atmosphere beauty ? In fact, you are only one step away from beauty , Namely “ How to wear ”! Pleated skirts are standard for all kinds of beautiful women in summer , Put it on , You are an elegant and flexible Japanese beauty .

that , How to wear a pleated skirt to look best ? How to match shoes ?

The selection of pleated skirts


The colors of pleated skirts are more diversified , Different colors will create different styles and temperament , The most classic color is traditional black 、 white 、 Brown and gray . Of course , There are also dark brown for autumn and winter , Low saturation color combination protein almond biscuit suitable for spring and summer .

If it's autumn and winter and formal occasions , Ms. Yu recommends classic colors , Black and dark brown are preferred . These two colors are exquisite and versatile , Temperament is also relatively calm , Not too avant-garde .

But if it's spring and summer season and date , Miss Yu will recommend the color of macarone , Like light blue 、 canary yellow 、 Lotus root pink 、 Peach pink, etc . These colors complement the complexion , Lively and charming , But also young and gentle .

Fabric version

The fabric version of pleated skirt is the most important choice , If you don't choose well , It will become the area most affected by use .

We divide the fabric of pleated skirt into soft and hard . Hard fabric can withstand patterns well . The shape is A Font type , It's not so easy to collapse , Can cover the fleshy fake buttocks of the legs . wide , A girl with a pear shape .

And some pleated skirts with floral trim . This version of pleated skirt is not recommended for girls with fat lower body . The heavy pattern will make the eyes move down and increase the weight of the lower body .

Pleated skirts with soft material should look softer , The upper body is soft and intellectual , Quite feminine , Suitable for girls who like light and Japanese style . But at the same time , This pleated skirt is also very easy to expose the defects of your body , Like wide hips 、 Big hips, etc .

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