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Guzhang: "the most beautiful rebel" lift the isolation and go home safely!

2021-08-27 03:05:25 Red Net

Red net time client 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Xiang Shanshan ) Is Guzhang big ? not big , Someone once exaggerated that , In Guzhang, you can walk home in a few minutes . But , Of Guzhang County People's Hospital in Xiangxi Prefecture “ The most beautiful contrarian ” but 20 I haven't been home for days . today , They can finally go home , Welcome to our “ The most beautiful contrarian ” De isolation , Go home safely !

The seventh evening of the seventh moon (8 month 14 Japan ) On that day , One of the best gifts in the circle of friends was swiped “8 month 14 Japan 0 At the time of its , Xiangxi Prefecture is a low-risk area ”, Then the Murong Miao stronghold was unsealed , The passenger transport industry in the county resumed operation , Family reunion …… I can't hide my happy smile under the mask , As the saying goes “ Difficult days won't be long ”, Everything is moving in a good direction . At the moment , The most worrying thing is Xiang yunhuai, who is undergoing medical isolation observation 、 Yang Weiwei 、 Xiang Lin Shuang 、 Bao xialiang 、 Shi Fangyuan 、 To the world of mortals 、 Xiang Jie 7 position “ The most beautiful contrarian ”.

8 month 20 The morning of 10 spot ,14 Days, the medical isolation observation is finally over . happy 、 expect …… All in silence , The leaders of the hospital have already held flowers , Look forward to , Waiting for our warriors to return home safely . When the warriors came out of the isolation hotel one by one , Everyone's eyes are full of tears , It's like a long lost child returning to his mother's arms . A bunch of flowers 、 A greeting 、 A hug , Give Way 20 The medical staff who haven't seen their relatives for many days feel warm . Warmth is mutual , Need each other's efforts , It is because 7 position “ The most beautiful contrarian ” When people are in trouble, they choose to go backwards , Stand up bravely , therefore , There should be flowers and applause ……

“ Coming back is still a teenager , You came back with a beard ”,20 I've been to Lin Shuang for many days “ beard ” It has grown very thick and secluded . The handsome guy who usually likes to pay attention to is no longer concerned about his face , But always care about the epidemic outside , When can I hold my child ?“ You're busy in the hospital , And prepare three meals a day for us every day , We're isolated here , Can't help , Very anxious ……” The capable and intelligent head nurse Shi Fangyuan can't wait to get back to work .

After the simple and solemn welcome ceremony , Relevant leaders and warriors took a group photo as a souvenir , Then escorted home by a special car ! Let's say to them again :“ hard , Thank you for fighting all night for others to sleep !”

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