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Auchan X7 plus was officially pre sold at the end of this month, and the limited edition "red box" has been opened

2021-08-27 03:07:14 12 cylinder vehicle

Not long ago , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS A live performance test was conducted , Its performance makes people call it wonderful , Many people also began to look forward to this independent SUV Pre sale price and actual performance , In recent days, , auchan X7 PLUS Another wave “ Thing ”.

8 month 18 Japan , The chairman of Auchan automobile took the goods personally , auchan X7 PLUS The red box model was officially put on sale live , This once again makes everyone feel X7 PLUS And the brand heat of Chang'an Auchan .

For car brands , In fact, the car model is also an embodiment of corporate culture , Users who really like a model , Of course, it will also favor its exquisite model . It is reported that , auchan X7 PLUS Red box model according to 1:18 Built in proportion , Not only to high standards , High technology is also used in the production , Restore the real car texture , Those who know Auchan should know , Red is of great significance to the brand .

It is worth noting that , The original price 699 The on hand price of the live broadcast room of the red box car model is RMB 199 element , If users share car model photos and collect them on the social platform 37 A great , You can also get 100 Yuan cash red envelope cash back .

auchan X7 PLUS The heat of the , In fact, it also proves that , That is, consumers are increasingly supporting high-quality domestic products , all the time , Auchan brand has accumulated a good reputation in the market , In addition to design 、 Beyond the price , Auchan has convinced people with technology in recent years .

Although consumption upgrading has been a common topic of discussion in recent years , Everyone's budget for buying cars has really increased , But for many families , Buy one at an affordable price 、 Models with good product power , Still the first appeal .

With Auchan X7 PLUS For example , Its appearance is fashionable and atmospheric , First of all, it meets the external requirements of many consumers , And the interior with a sense of science and Technology , It also gives people the feeling that the car is more than 100000 . Of course , Buying a car usually starts with your appearance 、 Finally, the technical quality , There used to be a lot of autonomy SUV Is to spend too much attention on Design , The result is to ignore the inner ascension , We can't forget the detours we have taken and the losses we have suffered .

auchan X7 PLUS Carrying blue whales NE 1.5T The engine , matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , The machine 1.5T The parameters of the engine must be familiar to many people , Its maximum power 138kW, Peak torque 300N·m, In autonomy 1.5T The camp is in the first echelon .

In the previous performance test, we also mentioned , auchan X7 PLUS The official measured acceleration time is 8.23 second , 100 braking distance is 38.57m, And ran out 214km/h The ultimate speed per hour .

As the competition continues to escalate , independent SUV The market has gradually become saturated , And polarization is becoming more and more obvious , If you don't want to be eliminated , Only by continuously producing high-quality products .

Some people may be curious , Like Auchan 、 Brands like jetball and their models , Why is it always hot ? In fact, it's very simple , They not only have three reliable pieces , And impeccable practicality , With Auchan X7 PLUS For example , In addition to the above advantages, it also has advanced intelligent configuration , These are the pain points in the hearts of consumers .

Maybe from Auchan X7 PLUS Start , Auchan models have advanced to a higher level of competition , It used to be practical 、 Pay attention to cost performance , Now we have to take care of delicacy 、 intelligence 、 grade , And in “ Hardware ” Surpass the joint venture's competitors in , The pressure is really not small , Of course , Promotion of brand influence and awareness , It can't be ignored .

Last , auchan X7 PLUS Will be in 8 The pre-sale is officially opened at the end of this month , Let's look forward to its market performance .

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