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The new Changan uni-t will be launched on August 25, with high appearance and sufficient power. Let's know about you

2021-08-27 03:14:53 Oriental Information automobile

recently , Xiaobian learned from the official that , The new changan UNI-T The model will be in 8 month 25 Official listing . As a new model of the year , It is mainly aimed at upgrading body details and engine parameters , Overall, it is more cost-effective . It is worth mentioning that , The new car also offers a brand-new mecha green body color matching option , Meet the needs of more young consumers to show their personality .

The appearance is sporty , Front face borderless grille design is quite stylish , And the symmetrical design concept is adopted , At the same time, new daytime running lights are added at both ends of the grille , The shape design is quite eye-catching , It looks amazing .

Side view , The waistline design looks very smooth , It feels very muscular , change 20 Inch double five wheel rim , It is also very fighting . Color matching , The new UNI-T Provide new mecha green body color matching , The overall performance is very youthful .

In the tail , Equipped with long and narrow tail lights , The modeling design is very up to standard , Some light sources in the lamp cavity are arranged at intervals , When lit, it has high recognition , And it feels very personalized . Besides , The bottom of the new car still provides two or four exhaust decorations on both sides according to different configuration models , The design is completely in line with the aesthetic views of contemporary people .

interiors , The new UNI-T The center console adopts a cross drawing panel emphasizing the texture of metal layers , And the color matching in the car is also full of youthful and lively atmosphere , The overall design looks very textured , It is also very particular about materials . in addition , The new car has been upgraded to dual 12.3 Inch smart dual screen ,FACE ID × Super account can brush your face and get on the car , This is still more personalized , It's very praiseworthy .

As a new model of the year , The new car will still carry 1.5T The engine , But the maximum power is upgraded to 138 kw (188 horsepower ), Peak torque is 300 cattle · rice (1500rpm-4000rpm), matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . The previous declaration information shows , The new car will carry 2.0T power , Maximum power up to 171 kw (233 horsepower ).

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