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The Volkswagen car with the logo is here. It doesn't hang the Jetta with the Volkswagen logo anymore. Does it look more advanced?

2021-08-27 03:15:00 Oriental Information automobile

Mention Jetta , I believe we are all familiar . In China, Jetta's performance has always been very good , Word of mouth and sales are excellent . But before that , Jetta has always been a model , But from 2019 Year of 2 month 26 The start , Jetta is no longer just a model , And became an independent auto brand . Because this brand has become the third brand under Volkswagen , Like Audi , Not only easy to remember, but also very face .

And when the Jetta brand was released , Its official has also released two new models . These two models are one SUV Model and a car model . At the same time, in terms of model performance , Become more sharp and atmospheric , And people can't help but be Jetta .

First of all, the first model we look at is Jetta SUV, At present, we don't know this SUV The name of the model . In terms of appearance , The shape of this car is very sharp , The design of the front face is strong . China Grid Grid has high recognition , Many matrix chrome plated decorations give the whole car a strong recognition . In terms of headlamp modeling , The size is relatively large . The front of this car is relatively exaggerated , Although the recognition is very high , But the beauty is slightly worse .

From the side , The streamlined performance of this car is not bad . Parking space , The whole car is full of atmosphere , And there's one in the tail light Y The light source of the word . As a whole , The appearance and expressiveness of this car are very good .

The next model we want to talk about is the car model , The shape and of this Jetta car SUV The feeling similarity is relatively high . Design sense and of China open SUV The shape is as like as two peas . It can be said that this is the classic design of Jetta brand , But for the overall appearance and feeling , The car model is more exquisite than SUV It's a little worse . And what you say when you come down , The power performance of both models has not been announced yet .

From the performance of Jetta in the past , These two new models are likely to carry cars EA211 The engine of the series ,1.4T The possibility is relatively large . In the face of Jetta's new two models , I believe everyone is looking forward to , Many netizens said , Jetta's new model is still very innovative , And the whole is round , In addition, the model is brand new SUV models , It is also very popular now .

However, the specific parameter performance of Jetta's two models is not clear , It's too early to say good or bad . But from the performance of Jetta models in the past , These two cars should not be too bad . And as a low-end car brand created by Volkswagen , It will certainly bring good sales results . Are you looking forward to these two cars ?

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