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[2021 ChinaJoy car viewing] BYD booth watching new cars [dolphin]

2021-08-27 03:16:05 Oriental Information automobile

2021 Year of Chinajoy Held in Shanghai , Like every year , This time, Zhenge also received an official invitation to explore as a car media person Chinajoy All kinds of car elements on the ,2021 year Chinajoy The exhibition can be said to be the one with the deepest combination with cars in history , Many car brands are even Chinajoy We have our own stand on the . Continuous in CJ Having written about cars for many years, I am very pleased to see this phenomenon , Like a matchmaker finally set up “ automobile ” And “ Anime Games ”. It is worth mentioning that auto brands do not simply display their own cars like every auto show , But with CJ Cultural integration ,COSER、 Two dimensional coating 、 Custom gift 、 A lot of the same , Very interesting ! Today's theme is BYD booth ! The new dolphin stole the limelight , Let's go and have a look !

The style of BYD booth this time is very Jianghu , There was a strong Chinese style in the audience , It is worthy of being the representative of China's independent brands , This booth is also the most handsome booth , Three cars on the main stage : The tang dynasty DM-i、 han EV, And the latest release “ The dolphins ”, Very interesting !

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