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[e car] Why is civic the representative of aesthetics course leading the trend?

2021-08-27 03:16:21 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of civic , What's your first impression ?“Honda The light ”?“ Farad domain ”、 Charming Wanzhuan red head machine ? you 're right , In the eyes of many people , Civic is a small steel gun with high performance , It's an annual sales volume of more than 20 Ten thousand “ Civilian supercar ”, It's a benchmark for constantly competing with yourself , Its “ performance ” The label is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . however , You know what? ? Civic circle is not just the driving force , It is no less accomplished in automobile Aesthetics , literally , Civic almost all the past dynasties led the trend of the times at that time , It is said that it is the representative of aesthetics in the automotive industry . today , Let's take a look , Civic in the end “ beautiful ” Where? ?1 A pioneer in breaking the rules 20 In the 1960s and 1970s , At that time, Japan was in a golden period of development , Its economic growth rate once reached 12% above , The soaring economy has also driven the development of all walks of life : Munich Olympic Games and Sapporo Winter Olympic Games were held one after another , The giant panda made its public debut in Japan , All kinds of electronic products have become the daily necessities of the common people . The vigorous development of economy is also reflected in the field of automobile , The tide of various technological innovations is rising day by day , Honda Civic is the one who dares to break the rules 、 The forerunner of self demonstration .

It is different from the three compartment four door car that separates the trunk space everywhere in the streets of Japan . The Honda team refused to follow the routine , Instead, it is committed to realizing the absolute value of the vehicle . therefore , In order to achieve this goal , Honda even set up two different teams , adopt “ Free competition for concurrent implementation of heterogeneous projects ” Conduct PK. This will not be a simple and fast process , After months of detailed trial and error and testing by engineers , The unique shape of the first generation Civic was born , That's a paragraph. “ Design of three door hatchback with trapezoidal profile ” Hatchback , Its interior and luggage compartment space are integrated into a body part , And more economical trunk door opening design .

This unique and bold design has shocked the automobile market. Needless to say , It not only gives a new look to the boring and monotonous car design , And it has created a unique fashion aesthetics with a sharp small hatchback , It triggered the later trend of automobile design . Honda defines this epoch-making model as “ Pragmatism and minimalism , Provide dimensions 、 The best combination of performance and economy ”.

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