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Guohong elegant, Auchan x7plus limited edition red box model on sale, promote five benefits and rush to buy as soon as possible!

2021-08-27 03:23:45 Auto review AC

With Auchan X7PLUS The pre-sale date is getting closer and closer , The new car is also in full swing to start a series of activities . Ji danghong PLUS After the performance unpacking and sealing test of lianchengji is successfully completed ,8 month 18 Japan , The chairman of Auchan automobile took the goods personally , 8 Big official platform and 500 Dealers start Auchan at the same time X7PLUS The red box model is on sale live .

With ingenuity , Carved boutique , auchan X7PLUS The red box model is on sale at a premium !

Hot and spicy 8 month , Just like Auchan, who is popular X7PLUS the supreme arrogance of a person with great power 、 Hot all over the net . And Auchan X7PLUS The product quality of hard core comes down in one continuous line , Red box models are produced to high standards , High technology manufacturing , according to 1:18 Exquisitely proportioned ,100% Restore the texture and beauty of the whole vehicle ; Give Auchan with national red elegance X7PLUS The ingenuity and quality of the red box model ; With exquisite coating technology , And use the bronzing process to outline... In the middle of the box “ Be popular and self-improvement ” word , As always, show the belief and mission of Auchan's independent brand when self-improvement .

In the studio , He Chaobing, chairman of Auchan automobile, personally appeared to bring the goods , Bring five benefits to users , The original price 699 The on hand price of the live broadcast room of the red box car model is RMB 199 element , At the same time, users share car model photos to any social platform , Union 37 A great , Send screenshots to Auchan StyleAPP Can be obtained 100 Yuan cash red envelope cash back , It's equivalent to buying a red box model in the live broadcasting room, just 99 element . You can go to Auchan StyleAPP Or Auchan's tiktok 、 The official account is panic buying Kwai .

National Automobile self-improvement ,1.5T The strongest blue whale sword flagship gold power

In addition to the red box model with ingenuity quality , As Chang'an Auchan's first PLUS Flagship products , auchan X7PLUS Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T High pressure direct injection engine and blue whale 7 Golden power combination of high speed wet double clutch transmission , The most powerful 138kW, Maximum torque 300N·m, Its original “AGILE agile ” Air guide type high efficiency super clean combustion system , Achieved the industry's top 350bar In cylinder direct injection pressure .

In Auchan X7PLUS Be popular PLUS The performance of lianchengji is under unpacking and sealing test , auchan X7PLUS Successfully completed super 10 A purgatory test , Ran out 8.23s Speed up ,38.57m The best result of 100 braking distance , In high-speed loop test , auchan X7PLUS And ran out 214 km/h The ultimate speed per hour .

carrying Onstyle 3.0 Intelligent control eight core vehicle machine system , Tree level intelligent benchmark

The essence of technology is to better serve life , Adhering to the innovative concept of new people , auchan X7PLUS With more intelligent human-computer interaction 、 Safer driving skills 、 Richer entertainment functions are in the direction of iteration , It not only adopts the industry-leading speed in hardware 8 Nuclear locomotive chip 、12 An ultrasonic radar 、4 Fish eye camera and other advanced equipment , It also carries the whole scene OnStyle3.0 Intelligent control eight core vehicle machine system 、 Internal and external dual camera face intelligent control system 、APA5.0 One touch parking system 、 No wheat KTV Hi, sing system 、 The all-weather bodyguard monitoring system guards your car in real time 、 Transparent chassis technology 、 Clairvoyant remote video system 、Baby in car Rich intelligent technology configuration such as child care mode .

In terms of intelligent human-computer interaction ,39 A high frequency function, wake-up free voice control ,120 A car scene ,380 The phonetic intention , Achieve full scene voice control , The models of the same level are absolutely ahead , So that human-computer communication is no longer cold , No longer dull . In intelligent security 6 Millimeter wave radar realizes dynamic route tracking + Centimeter obstacle distance display , As well as the original cloud eye rear-view instrument function of vehicle machine , Eliminate body blind spots . The latest fourth generation of continental Germany 77GHz Design of millimeter wave radar system ACC Driving system , Achieve blind spot detection 、 Rear end collision warning 、 Door opening warning and other functions , Become the driver's most reliable assistant .

12-15 ten thousand SUV Will options , The superior quality of flagship products

To create a higher value model , Bring stronger products to users , Better driving experience , auchan X7PLUS In the design 、 Space 、 Quality and other aspects are also comprehensively advanced , except “ New natural aesthetics ” The whole vehicle attitude brought by the design is stable and compact , Steady and powerful , Dynamic and elegant look , What's more 4730mm*1870mm*1720mm Leapfrog body ,2786mm Wide and comfortable space brought by super long wheelbase ; And having 1.2 ten thousand / A vent , Breathing ergonomic comfort seat .

Besides , auchan X7PLUS The whole car has up to 52 It's about NVH programme , contain 26 Space grade sound-absorbing cotton 、17 Acoustic damping material of lower vehicle body 、9 The cavity at the core absorbs sound . The persistent pursuit of quality , Auchan never hesitate to cost , Equipped with a 20 ten thousand + The joint venture model adopts 4.0mm Polyester sun shading mute glass ,3 Layer mute structure effectively isolates external noise , achieve 37 DB breathing level silent space , These are for Auchan cars “ Value for customers , Twice the cost paid by the customer ” The most profound interpretation of the concept .

At the end :

auchan X7PLUS The sale of red box models , It's Auchan X7PLUS The first step of facing the market with popular quality , In possession of “ power 、 intelligence 、 Design 、 Space 、 The quality of ” Behind the product strength beyond expectations , It is Auchan's continuous upward momentum , Believe Auchan X7PLUS Of “ Be popular and self-improvement ” product slogan Is the best interpretation .

It is reported that , auchan X7PLUS Will be in 8 The pre-sale is officially opened at the end of this month , This extremely valuable product has aroused everyone's appetite , As 12-15 10000 level value benchmark , auchan X7PLUS It's worth looking forward to !

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