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Dispute over household scooters: Changan Yidong vs Rongwei i5 who is stronger?

2021-08-27 03:26:37 Auto review AC

Many young car consumers buy the first car in their life , Often choose a space 、 Products with balanced price and configuration , After all, as the first scooter in life , Strive to be comprehensive and the budget is under control , So the compact family car has become the best choice for everyone . Although compact family cars are not as hot as SUV, However, the relatively good driving experience of cars at the same price has been favored by many friends , Today we will choose two domestic brand compact family cars with high heat for you - Chang'an Yidong and Rongwei i5.

roewe i5 The new model was launched in the first half of this year , A total of new cars were launched 5 Product configuration , Price range: 6.79~8.99 Ten thousand yuan . Chang'an Yidong, as a veteran in the family car market , The product renewal was also completed in the first half of this year , The new car has a total of 6 Product configuration , The price range is 7.29~10.39 Ten thousand yuan . Today we chose the same price as 8.99 Ten thousand yuan Rongwei i5 2021 Xingyao version and Chang'an Yidong 2021 paragraph CVT Compare luxury models in detail , Look at this family car dispute , Who is more worth starting with .

Appearance comparison

Roewe after the modification i5 It adopts the latest design language of Roewe family , Compared with the old models, the appearance design is younger . The specific term , The front face of the new model adopts double-layer Ronglin wing grille , New Lion Logo in the middle , The shape is more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young consumers . meanwhile , Fluorescent decorative strips are added at the bottom of the front surround as ornaments , Details show youth .

2021 The appearance of Changan Yidong has not changed much , The front face of the new car still adopts large-size forward air grille , The left and right sides are also equipped with sharp headlamp groups , The integrated design technique enhances the overall sense of the front face , At the same time, it also has a strong visual impact .

Body size , New Roewe i5 The length, width and height are respectively 4607×1818×1489 mm, The wheelbase is 2680mm. The side shape of the new car doesn't change much , The new car is equipped with a smooth and beautiful waist line at the bottom of the window , And it extends from the front headlamp assembly to the rear of the vehicle , The lower part is also equipped with an aluminum alloy hub with a shape like petals .

2021 The specific length, width and height of Changan Yidong are 4730×1820×1505 mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, Leading in all data . The body side of this model adopts double waist line design , And the use of lines is quite fierce , Looks sporty . The front waist line extends from the edge of the front headlamp to the rear door , The rear waist line extends from the rear door to the tail lamp , More refined design details .

New Roewe i5 Compared with the old models, the rear shape of the has little change , In order to further highlight the sense of motion of the whole vehicle , The new car adds a carbon fiber textured diffuser at the bottom of the car , It's a pity that the exhaust from both sides is transitional and integrated with the black trim panel , If you don't look carefully, it's hard to find .

2021 The tail of Changan Yidong has not been adjusted , The rear surrounding shape of this model is relatively flat , The exhaust port with double side and double outlet is very narrow and long , But the two vents are just decoration , In fact, the exhaust pipe adopts single side common double outlet layout .

Interior comparison

roewe i5 Compared with the old models, the interior design of has undergone earth shaking changes , The overall shape is younger , The new central control is officially named the cosmic star cabin . The steering wheel of the new car adopts a new family style , Feel more solid , Punch the left and right sides , It is also equipped with silver trim as decoration . High configuration models are equipped with 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , This configuration is rare in models of the same level and price . besides , The built-in screen used in the old model has changed to a suspended design , Upgrade the screen size to 10.25 Inch , Built in the latest zebra Venus System , Operation response speed and interface are the mainstream level at present .

2021 The interior design of Changan Yidong has not changed much , This model is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a large central control screen above the central console , The edges of the two screens are blackened and connected together , It looks like a whole screen , This enlarges the visual effect of the screen to a certain extent , It also effectively improves the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle .

roewe i5 The interior seats of Xingyao version are wrapped with imitation leather materials , In terms of function, it has two-way adjustment of the height of the driver's seat / Two way adjustment of lumbar support , Electric adjustment of main driver's seat . The interior filler of the front seat of this model is thick , The details match the fluorescent yellow suture as an ornament , The overall wrapping and support are quite good , It can meet the basic riding demand .

Escaping CVT Luxury car seats are also wrapped with imitation leather materials , Compared with Roewe in terms of function i5 Xingyao version lacks two-way adjustment of lumbar support of driver's seat , Electric adjustment of main driver's seat . The front seat backrest of this model and the wings on both sides of the cushion protrude , Strong sense of immersion when riding , Sedentary is not easy to fatigue .

roewe i5 The rear seats are made of the same material as the front seats , The middle seat is equipped with independent head restraint and three-point safety belt , High configuration level . In addition, the rear of the new car is equipped with an independent air conditioning outlet , But lack of middle handrail and cup holder , The overall performance is regular .

Chang'an Yidong rear seat filler is thicker , Good support when riding , But the elasticity of the cushion is stronger , It would be better if it could be softer .

Power comparison

roewe i5 The power of Xingyao version is equipped with 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Its maximum output power is 120 horsepower , Peak torque is 150 Cattle meters . Transmission system , Matching this is the simulation 8 speed CVT Stepless gearbox .

Escaping CVT The luxury model is matched in terms of power 1.6L Naturally aspirated engine , The maximum output power is 128 horsepower , Peak torque is 161 Cattle meters . Transmission system , Also equipped with analog 8 speed CVT Stepless gearbox .

Car uncle summary

As a domestic compact family car that has attracted much attention from consumers , roewe i5 It has a direct competitive relationship with Chang'an Yidong , The two models completed product renewal in the first half of this year , Among them, Rongwei i5 The changes are large , The main advantages of this model are reflected in the internal and external design details and functional configuration , However, in terms of interior space and power performance, Chang'an Yidong, which has been on the battlefield for a long time, takes the absolute lead . stay 2021 In the first half of the year , The sales data of these two models are 58,585 Taiwan and 99,075 platform , Chang'an Yidong has an overwhelming victory , It seems that at the same price level , Or Yidong is more popular with consumers .

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