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Dispute between new and old: who is more worth buying than Geely Binrui?

2021-08-27 03:26:41 Auto review AC

Vehicles have different values for different people , Some people use cars as tools , Just meet the daily transportation needs , Some people treat them as toys , Need the vehicle to have some driving fun , And pursue speed and passion , But whatever you think of the car , Good and cheap products are always popular . At present, domestic independent brands are developing rapidly , Many high-quality and low-cost products have been launched one after another , Take the famous Baron we mainly introduce today 5 And Geely Bingrui , They have a low price , Configuration is high , Functional and practical .

The new Baron 5 And Jili binruidu 2020 Listed in the second half of , Among them, Binrui also recently launched an entry-level model ——1.4T Manual Deluxe . Today we have selected the guide price as 10.49 A grand master of ten thousand yuan 5 2021 The limited edition and price of chaoyueqing luxury is 10.98 Ten thousand yuan Jili Binrui 2021 paragraph F- Compare with the flagship version , They are the top version of their respective models , Let's take a specific look at the new and old models , Who is the real power faction .

Appearance comparison

mg 5 The limited edition model has a unique body coating appearance , The overall design is very trendy . The front face of the new model is equipped with a large area of China open , The internal grille pattern has a sense of hierarchy , The matte trim panel on the side extends to both sides of the front , It effectively widens the transverse visual effect of the front . The headlights of this model are not connected with China open , But a separate design , The whole light group looks quite energetic .

The front face of Jili Binrui has a strong sense of lines , Among them, the new car is equipped with a flat polygonal medium mesh , The perimeter and interior are blackened , The rising headlamp groups on the left and right sides are integrated with the China open , The overall feeling is stronger .

Body size , mg 5 The specific length, width and height of are 4675×1842×1480 mm, The wheelbase is 2680mm. The front and rear overhangs of this model are long , In this way, you can have a larger body size , Ensure the riding space in the car . Besides , The new car adopts a sliding back roof shape , The front half of the roof is quite high , In terms of vision, it has the charm of sedan models .

Jili Binrui and mingjue 5 Very close in body data , The specific length, width and height of the vehicle are 4680×1785×1460 mm, The wheelbase is 2670mm, In addition to leading in body length 5mm outside , Other data are lagging behind . This model also has a sliding back roof design , Its lines are smoother , Have Coupe The smell of the car .

mg 5 The design style of the tail continues the mingjue 6 The feeling of , The visual center of gravity of the tail is high , The rear surround of the underbody is not decorated with too many chrome trim strips , The overall effect looks particularly simple and refreshing . Among them, the tail of the new car is equipped with two-sided exhaust trim ports , The real exhaust is hidden in the enclosure .

The rear design of the new Geely Binrui has not changed , The car is also equipped with bilateral exhaust decoration on the rear enclosure , The real exhaust adopts a hidden layout , The main focus is to enhance the visual dynamic , But in winter, there will be a bit of embarrassment .

Interior comparison

mg 5 The central control model of the is different from the previous grand models , Although the car due to cost constraints , Most of the cars are wrapped with hard plastic materials , But it still has a strong sense of hierarchy in the design . The whole operating area of the new car is obviously biased to the driver's side , The steering wheel has a thick grip , The layout of the left and right buttons is familiar , The details are also equipped with red stitches to enhance the sense of combat . On the centre console 10.25 The inch suspended central control display screen tilts to the driver's side 14.1 degree , The screen is equipped with the latest zebra Venus System .

Although the interior layout of Geely Binrui is not famous 5 So novel , But more solid in terms of configuration and materials . The top of the center console of this model adopts plastic lining process , The lower part is matched with trim panels of different materials , The details take more careful thought . The size of the central control display screen of this model is also 10.25 Inch , It integrates GKUI Geke smart ecosystem , Regular navigation , entertainment , Vehicle settings and other functions are matched .

mg 5 The seats in the top version are wrapped with imitation leather materials , In terms of function, it has two-way adjustment of the height of the driver's seat , Front seat heating , Driver's seat, electric memory, etc . The front seats of this model have color blocking decoration , The wings on both sides of the backrest protrude obviously , The internal filler is thick , Compared with the ordinary entry-level compact family car, it has stronger support .

The interior seats of Geely Binrui top equipped models are also wrapped with imitation leather materials , Functional performance and mingjue 5 A draw . The interior filler of the car's front seat is compared with that of mingjue 5 More thick , I feel very trapped when I ride .

mg 5 The volume of the rear compartment is 401 l , The rear seats support the overall reclining , The whole rear compartment space is relatively flat , It's not a problem to store things at ordinary times .

The rear compartment volume of Geely Binyue is 470 l , Compared with the famous Baron 5 More 69 l , In addition, the rear seats of the car support the ratio of down , More flexible in operation .

Power comparison

mg 5 The top version is matched in terms of power 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power is 173 horsepower , Peak torque is 275 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

Geely Binrui's top version matches in terms of power 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power is 141 horsepower , Peak torque is 235 Cattle meters , The book data obviously lags behind . Transmission system , What matches it is CVT Stepless gearbox .

Car uncle summary

As a new and old representative of domestic compact family cars , mg 5 It overlaps with Geely Binrui in terms of price , Have a direct competitive relationship . Through the above comparison, we can see , mg 5 More novel in internal and external design , Power data is more advanced , Geely Binrui has some advantages in detail materials and interior space performance , The gap between the two models is small . Analyze from sales data , mg 5 stay 2021 The cumulative sales data in the first half of the year reached 51,348 platform , Geely Binrui, a veteran, sold a total of... In the first half of the year 32,276 platform , The sales gap between the two cars is close 2 Ten thousand units . It seems , Design more novel mingjue at the same price 5 It is undoubtedly the choice of more consumers .

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