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In addition to BBA, these luxury medium-sized SUVs are also very fragrant!

2021-08-27 03:26:45 Auto review AC

To say luxury medium SUV The troika of the market , Definitely not Audi Q5L、 Mercedes GLC、 BMW X3 It must be . But the result of hot sales is , The probability of meeting the same car on the street is abnormally high . Besides BBA, In fact, there are many luxury brand models worth considering , And they generally have high terminal discounts ! If your budget is not high and you pursue uniqueness , Consider these three luxury brands SUV!

Volvo XC60

The guided :37.39-60.39 Ten thousand yuan

New Volvo XC60 A small upgrade has been made in terms of appearance , Both luxury and sports look kit styles have also been retained , new LOGO The style and the black embellishment of the interior trim of the grille add freshness . In terms of size , New Volvo XC60 The length, width and height are respectively 4708/1902/1658 mm, The wheelbase 2865mm. Hidden exhaust is adopted at the rear of the car , because 48V Addition of hybrid system , Previous T4、T5 The suffix is changed to B4、B5, The tail mark of the plug-in version is still T8.

The configuration upgrade is the new Volvo XC60 The main changes ,12.3 Inch full LCD Meter and 9 The combination of inch central control screen is standard in the whole system , The car machine developed based on the native Android system has excellent expansion functions , The overall practicability has been greatly improved , In addition, the voice interaction functions of tmall elf and iFLYTEK are also very consistent with the usage habits of Chinese consumers .City Safety Urban intelligent security system is also standard in the whole system , It has always been excellent in terms of security .

New Volvo XC60 In terms of power, it is still equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , But it's new 48V Hybrid system , Starting and acceleration will be smoother . Specific parameters ,B4 The maximum power of the model 197Ps、B5 The maximum power of the model 250Ps, The transmission system is matched with a 8 Speed automatic transmission , And equipped with four-wheel drive system .T8 Version models continue to use 2.0T+ Plug in hybrid system composed of motor , Combined maximum power 390Ps, Peak torque 640N·m, The range of pure electricity is 50km.

Lincoln navigator

The guided :32.88-47.88 Ten thousand yuan

The Lincoln Navigator made in China is based on the imported mid-term modified navigator , However, the appearance design is different from that of imported models . Shield shaped Xinghui air intake grille has been a family design , In terms of the design details of the front surround, the domestic navigator made a small adjustment , Cancel the decoration around the front fog lamp . In terms of size , Lincoln Navigator's body size is 4849/1934/1693 mm, The wheelbase 2850mm, Compared with imported navigators, there is basically no change . The rear part , The through tail lamp design has good recognition , The tail mark also indicates its domestic identity .

The interior was adopted “ Horizon ” Design concept , It has a highly similar layout to the aviator , The overall sense of luxury is outstanding . The three piece steering wheel is a familiar style ,12.3 Inch full LCD Meter and 12.8 The display effect of inch central control screen is excellent . The vehicle engine system adopts the latest SYNC+ System , It has rich human-computer interaction functions .

motivation , Lincoln Navigator used two different power assemblies , Namely 2.0T In line four cylinder engine force and 2.7T  V6 The engine , The maximum power is respectively 245Ps、322Ps. Transmission in , The whole family of navigators matched one 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , It also provides four-wheel drive system for models other than the entry-level version .

Range Rover evoque L

The guided :38.98-47.58 Ten thousand yuan

Aurora L As a long wheelbase version , In terms of appearance, it still adopts the latest family design language of Land Rover . The previous horizontal bar decoration is cancelled under the middle net of the front grille , This also increases the area of the front grille 30%, All standard R-DYNAMIC The kit also adds a lot of sportiness . In terms of size , Aurora L The length, width and height are respectively 4531/1904/1650 mm, The wheelbase is 2841mm. Compared with the standard axle version , Aurora L The car length and wheelbase have been lengthened 160mm.

Into the car , Aurora L The interior style is still full of luxury 、 Sense of Technology . The three spoke steering wheel has a new design , The overall style looks more exquisite . double 10.2 Inch central control screen and 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel has a strong sense of science and Technology ,InControl OS 2.0 The system also supports Apple CarPlay And baidu CarLife Mobile Internet .

motivation , Aurora L It is still equipped with high and low power 2.0T Turbocharged four cylinder engine , And equipped with 48V Light mixed system . The tail mark of the low-power version is P200, The most powerful 200Ps, Maximum torque 320N·m; The tail mark of the high-power model is P250, The most powerful 249Ps, Maximum torque 365N·m. The transmission system is matched with a 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , All models are equipped with a set of four-wheel drive system .

Car uncle summary

Luxury medium SUV The market actually has an obvious product echelon ,BBA Firmly occupy the head Market , Several other luxury brands are firmly in the second tier . But for people who don't like to drift , Minority is also an option . The three models recommended by Che Shu today have also been recognized by many consumers , Want a unique style , At the same time, we should also get enough luxury , Take a look at these three luxury brands SUV Well !

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