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The battle of young sportsmen: honda civic vs. Mazda 3 anksila

2021-08-27 03:26:52 Auto review AC

After chatting with people around us, we will find that , Many people will regard the compact family car as the first car in their life , The reason is , First, because the price is not expensive , Most people can afford , The second is that this type of vehicle has good spatial performance , It's basically no problem to meet daily household needs . Of course, in addition to these basic needs , Young car consumers still have a certain pursuit for the appearance and performance of the vehicle . Based on these conditions , We have selected two young sports models for you - Honda civic and Mazda 3 Oncella .

Although the latest version on the market is the hatchback version of Civic , But still more popular with consumers is the hatchback civic , The three compartment version of Civic has 8 Product configuration , Price range: 11.99~16.99 Ten thousand yuan .2021 Mazda in paragraph 3 Listed in the first half of this year , A total of new cars were launched 9 Product configuration , Price range: 11.59~16.89 Ten thousand yuan . Next, we will choose the guide price, which is also 13.99 Ten thousand yuan 2019 Civic dynamic version and 2021 Mazda in paragraph 3 Anksila automatic quality dazzle version for detailed comparison , See which model has higher product power under the condition of equal price .

Appearance comparison

The appearance of the new generation Honda Civic is more radical and avant-garde , The new car is equipped with a flat front air grille at the front face , The interior trim panel is blackened . The new car is surrounded by a through shape , It goes well with the front air grille , The wing headlights on both sides are still the same , Internally matched halogen light source , In terms of lighting LED Daytime running light , Automatic headlights , Halogen front fog lamp , Adjustable headlamp height, etc .

A whole new generation of Mazda 3 Using soul movement 2.0 Design language , The vehicle design method is more mature and harmonious , Besides sports fashion , There is also a sense of freshness and vulgarity . The front face of the new car is equipped with a large polygonal front air grille , The interior is blackened , The raised lamp groups on both sides are connected with it through the lower trim panel of the middle net , Enhance the overall sense of the front face , The interior of the headlamp is equipped with LED The light source .

Body size , The length, width and height of Honda Civic are 4658×1800×1416 mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm. The side of the new car body is decorated with more decorative lines , The front and rear wheel arches and bottom side skirts are designed in the same color as the body , The beautiful chrome plated decorative lines on the roof of the upper part of the window provide a lot of air for the whole side .

2021 Mazda in paragraph 3 The specific length, width and height of are 4662×1797×1445 mm, The wheelbase is 2726mm, It has certain advantages in key body length and wheelbase level . The smoothness of the body side lines of the new models has been enhanced , But the proportion of the whole vehicle has not been affected .

The tail design of Civic has obvious family characteristics , The most eye-catching design element of the rear part of the car belongs to the tail lights in the style of boomerang on the left and right sides , The upper half of the lamp pack extends all the way to the rear compartment lid , High recognition after lighting at night .

Mazda 3 The tail design of the is relatively simple , There are not too many elements in the rear , The tail light group alone can catch your eyes in an instant . All new Mazda 3 It continues the round lamp shape of the previous generation , The outline of the tail lamp group is similar to that of the headlights , With soft body lines , Enough to be memorable .

Interior comparison

The interior design of Honda Civic is familiar to us , The instrument panel of the new car adopts the embracing design , It feels like an airplane cockpit , Moreover, the modeling of the whole center console is clear , The distribution of function keys is reasonable , The difficulty of getting started is very low . The centre console of the new car is equipped with 7 Inch touch LCD screen , In terms of function, it supports basic mobile phone interconnection mapping , Bluetooth car phone , Speech recognition control, etc .

Mazda 3 The interior is still a typical Japanese style , Light and elegant, no contrast color is used in the car , There are no fancy designs , But it belongs to a very attractive type . The new car uses the concept of white space and spacing in Japanese aesthetics on the center console , Although the center console has many levels , But it's still neat in the senses and won't make you feel monotonous . The new car is equipped with... On the center console 8.8 Inch display screen , The interface is in the form of list , Easy to operate , The style and interior style have also maintained a high degree of unity .

Honda Civic dynamic interior seats are wrapped in fabric , In terms of function, only manual adjustment is supported . The front seat surface of the car is not wide , But the wings on both sides of the backrest protrude , It has strong wrapping and sufficient support for the driver's legs and waist .

Mazda 3 The automatic quality dazzle version of the interior seat is also wrapped in fabric , The functional performance is consistent with that of Honda Civic . The interior filler of the front seat in this model is softer , Have a strong sense of immersion when riding , Better comfort .

Although the wheelbase level of Honda Civic is smaller than that of Mazda 3, However, the performance of the rear seating space is not inferior , The rear seats on both sides of the car are obviously sunken , Even tall passengers have better leg space , However, the height and length of the rear seat surface of the car are slightly inferior , Not enough leg support for passengers .

Mazda 3 The space performance of the rear row is not much different from that of the Honda Civic , The biggest advantage of the car is that it provides three independent head restraints in the rear , However, considering the softness of the back of the rear middle seat and the support of the cushion , The middle seat is not suitable for long periods of time .

Power comparison

2019 The power of Honda Civic dynamic version matches 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power is 177 horsepower , Peak torque is 220 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is CVT Stepless gearbox .

2021 Mazda in paragraph 3 Anksila automatic quality dazzle version is equipped with... In terms of power 2.0L Self priming engine , Its maximum output power is 158 horsepower , Peak torque is 202 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Car uncle summary

It is also a compact family car of Japanese brand , Honda civic and Mazda 3 Each has its own characteristics , Among them, Honda Civic has a more radical appearance design , It can cater to the aesthetic preferences of young domestic automobile consumers , At the same time, the power configuration of the car is good , Space is also worthy of Honda “ Space Magic ” The title of . Mazda 3 More like a white faced student , The car has a sense of design in terms of appearance and interior upholstery , The matching of materials and functions is satisfactory . Due to the consideration of the new generation of consumers on the personalized appearance design and performance of the model , We focus more on Honda Civic . In terms of sales data ,2021 In the first half of the year, Honda Civic and Mazda 3 The cumulative sales results are 67,172 Taiwan and 41,183 platform , Honda Civic has a large degree of leadership , It seems that this young movement debate , The winner is the Honda Civic

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