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3.0T V6 power + over 5m length. Audi a7l will open for pre-sale next month. Are you ready?

2021-08-27 03:32:37 Chewen channel

The halo of luxury car above Audi , It has always been loved by many consumers . and A7L Is one of the star models , The market position is in the leading position . At present, the car has officially started the road of localization , Built by SAIC Audi , The pre-sale mode will be started next month . Although the price A7L Definitely not close to the ground , But this does not prevent us from observing the car with appreciation . In the first quarter of next year , Some friends will become happy A7L First car owners , Feel the charm of the four circles .

In fact as early as 7 month , SAIC Audi has started A7L Advance edition pre order activity , The world is only limited 1000 car , It's like playing a hunger marketing strategy . The car has a variety of preferential activities , Everyone can enjoy 16 Different courtesies , Whether it's lifelong free in-depth maintenance , Or strategies such as low interest loans , All to stimulate consumers' purchase enthusiasm . Compared with Mercedes Benz and BMW , Audi has always been highly praised for making profits in the market . this A7L Show full sincerity , It is expected that there will be more actions in the next step .

A7L Stick to the sports style in terms of appearance , This is consistent with its positioning , It can be favored by many performance lovers . The polygonal air intake grille on the front face of the car is sharp and sharp , Can show a strong aura , Let people look at it . Of course, the light groups on both sides will live up to “ Lamp factory ” good name , Whether it is modeling design or lighting effect, it is a leader , After opening at night, it can illuminate a wide range , It is convenient for the driver to observe the road conditions in time .

The side of the car still pays attention to creating a dive attitude , It can reasonably reduce wind resistance , At the same time, your appearance remains online . Large size aluminum alloy wheel is eye-catching , It looks great when driving . The tail is a through tail lamp group to emphasize personality , Internal matrix LED The light source is quite brilliant , When lit, there is no need to worry about recognition . The bilateral double outlet exhaust structure is gratifying , This is also the embodiment of the car's confidence in its power .

interiors ,A7L After all, it is a high-end model of Audi , How can we shame the brand ? The material is perfect , Large area leather materials to improve the grade , It's also very comfortable to touch . The pixels of embedded touch LCD are very large , Sensitive feedback for multiple commands , And it can also provide rich audio-visual entertainment content , So you can have fun on the way . Of course, its super 5 Meter length is hard to ignore , Make sure the interior space is wide , Activities are unrestricted .

Power on ,A7L Will pick up 3.0T V6 and 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Compared with imported models, it has an advantage . The car's power output is quite rapid , Plus the four-wheel drive system 、 Air suspension and other configurations , Can let you ride the wind and waves in complex road conditions , Feel the pleasure of driving .

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