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The guidance price increased by 4900 yuan! Here comes the modified Lexus es. Now you have to queue up for an increase in price?

2021-08-27 03:37:25 Snail chezhi

To say which Lexus model is the most popular , There is no doubt that it will be ES! It seems to live in a place different from BBA And the parallel world outside the second tier luxury brands , All imported 、 No discount 、 Collecting the car is slow 、 Also increase the price , But it still can't stop the enthusiasm of consumers ! But looking back on the generation of cash on sale ES, since 2018 year 7 Since its launch in June , Up to now, there have been more than 3 Years of time , It's time to change the money .

Just a few days ago , Lexus officially released the medium-term change ES, The new models offer 3 Power specifications , total 10 Product configuration , Price range: 29.49-48.89 Ten thousand yuan . The starting price of the new model is higher than that of the old model 0.49 Ten thousand yuan , The price of the top model increases 0.59 Ten thousand yuan , The price of other configured models has also increased to varying degrees . Of course , Here is the guidance price ,4S The price increase in the store hasn't been counted yet .

In theory , An automobile product often goes on sale as time goes by , Gradually reduce costs 、 And then reflected in the actual official guidance price , in other words , Usually, the guidance price of a new car will be lower and lower or remain unchanged , Now that the price has increased , Where is the new car worth the ticket price ?

First of all, the overall outline of the new car has not changed , It's just an upgrade in the details , For example, the spindle grid is replaced by L Type horizontal line , Replace the headlamp with a three chamber type LED Lamp group structure , The lower running water turn signal lamp is integrated with the slightly modified daytime running lamp , These little details make the whole car more expensive , Some friends even read it , They say it's small LS!

Besides , The new car joined F SPORT edition , The internal shape of the forward air grille is changed from chrome plating to radioactive bright black mesh structure , Match with the new smoked headlights , It looks very sharp , Looks like this wave ES It is to gain the favor of many young people .

The interior will still be our familiar design , There should be a sense of luxury 、 The atmosphere and other construction are in place, and there will be some small adjustments at the configuration level . For example, the central control multimedia screen has been upgraded to include touch and CarPlay Interconnection function 、 More early warning functions are added to the driving safety system . among , Remove the top model ES300h The administrative version adopts 12.3 Inch outside the central control screen , Other configurations are 8 Inch center control screen .

Besides , with F SPORT The sports kit version uses 8 Inch removable LCD Meter , Other models are 7 Inch ordinary LCD Meter , There are no cool intelligent functions inside , Plus two mechanical oil gauges 、 Water temperature gauge pointer , The sense of technology is still weaker than German competitors .

motivation , The new car is still a familiar three board axe ,2.0L and 2.5L Inhale naturally and 2.5 Hybrid , The maximum power is respectively 127kW(173PS) and 152kW(207PS), The peak maximum torque is 208N·m and 243N·m, Match with Direct-Shift Functional CVT Gearbox and 8 Speed automatic transmission . Besides ,ES200 It will still be the main sales version of the car line ,10.5 Seconds or so 0-100km/h It's enough to speed up commuting in the city .

In terms of configuration , First of all, the lowest distribution with better sales volume ES 200 Take excellence as an example , The new ES 200 The price of the premium model 29.49 Ten thousand yuan , It's more expensive than the old one 0.49 ten thousand . In configuration , New and old models are equipped as standard 9 airbag 、 With full speed range ACC、 Support L2 Level of driving assistance LSS2.0 Active safety system 、 Reversing image 、 Power sunroof 、 Electrically adjustable steering wheel 、 Front seat heating 、8 Inch center control screen 、 Automatic air conditioning, etc , This configuration is also enough to meet most consumers .

And new models on this basis , The touch operation of the central control screen is added 、 Automatic anti glare function of exterior rearview mirror 、 Smart digital key function 、 Two... Are also added to the central armrest box USB Type-C Interface , Contrast down , this 0.49 The price increase of 10000 yuan is also reasonable .

Besides , The new ES 300h The model also provides... For the first time F SPORT edition , The price is 41.29 Ten thousand yuan , Have F SPORT Exclusive sporty look Kit 、 Movable liquid crystal instrument 、 Sports seats 、 Sporty steering wheel 、 Metal Pedal 、AVS Adaptive variable suspension and other configurations .

Is it worth paying for it ? According to our brother Feng, it is :“ You think it's worth ! If it's not worth it, it's not worth it !” Undeniable? , About how to build a comfortable , Value preservation , An executive class car with stable performance , Lexus really has a deep understanding . Plus , stay ES200 In the price range, buy a Lexus B+ Class sedan 、 You can also enjoy free warranty maintenance , It sounds tempting . Of course! , The car is not perfect , There are always lengths , You can accept its advantages , It is bound to have more tolerance for its shortcomings , What do you think? ?

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