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Weilai or push a new car "et5"! Size over model 3, or from 330000?

2021-08-27 03:37:27 Snail chezhi

In recent years, the development momentum of Weilai automobile is very rapid , According to the financial report , Wei Lai Yu 2021 Second quarter revenue 84.5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 127.2%, rose 5.8%, The gross profit margin of vehicle sales is 20.3%, The comprehensive gross profit rate is 18.6%, It can be said that Weilai has come to the fore among the emerging car making forces , Occupy a position in the leading group .

In this way , Weilai has achieved a net loss narrowing , And there is no shortage of money , This also speeds up Wei Lai in 2020 Three models will be delivered in NT2.0 The rhythm of new models , These three new cars are Weilai ET7、 code-named Gemini And positioned as medium-sized SUV Of ES7, And code named Pegasus Of ET5, The delivery time of the three models is expected to be 2022 year Q1、2022 year Q2 And 2022 year Q3.

This time, let's repeat the code name of this machine Pegasus Of ET5, reference ET7, expect ET5 In the shape design, we still take the avant-garde route , The front face is also an iconic closed grille , This is consistent with the identity of new energy , At the same time, the shape of the headlamp group will continue the slender and sharp style , The side should be to create a dive attitude , You can't lose a share in sports attributes . The rear design of the car may still be hierarchical , Don't worry about fashion .

According to Wei Lai's plan ,ET5 The main task of this car is to compete for Tesla Model 3 market share , Therefore, in addition to the intelligent configuration, the new car should be superior , It can't be leeward in size , At present, it is estimated that the conductor will be in 4.9 Rice or so , The wheelbase will also be considerable , There is plenty of space in the car , There will be no Model 3 So crowded .

Besides , Reference resources ET7, The new car will also adopt simple and avant-garde interior design , And the seat design will adopt ergonomic principles , Can give strong support to all parts of the body , In addition, the filler and materials are kept improving , The driving experience must be a luxury car . At the same time, large touch LCD will not be absent , How the outside world expects its vehicle engine system to perform , Will you give wonderful answers in the human-computer interaction experience ? We'll see .

On the most critical cruise mileage , Since the competitor is Tesla Model 3, that ET5 Naturally, you won't stay behind others , It is estimated that the starting range of the new car should be 500 km , And in terms of price , expect ET5 Price range: 20 ten thousand -30 Ten thousand yuan or so , What do you think of its competitiveness ?

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