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No one bought the car from price increase to price reduction. What has Honda Civic experienced!

2021-08-27 03:56:25 Oriental Information automobile

From selling cars at higher prices to reducing prices, no one bought , What has Honda Civic gone through !

If it comes to the most popular car last year , Then you must count Civic . After the listing , Let's take a look at the handsome appearance and good cost performance , They are going to pay for . In this context , Manufacturers began to embark on the road that worried everyone : Pick up the car at a higher price . But even so , There are still many people willing to wait in line . If such a car will be ignored , No one even bought it at a reduced price , Anyway, I don't believe .

But there is a civic that is currently in this state , That's Civic 1.0T Entry car . First , Hear the power , Everyone has begun to retreat , Small displacement is on the one hand , Or the three cylinders we can't avoid , Just add up these two points , A large audience was scared away .

More Than This , This one is really worthy of its name “ The beggar version ”, Compared with 1.5T A low-end model , This version basically reduces everything that can be reduced , In terms of intelligence , Like mobile phone connectivity , There is no such convenient function as keyless entry , There is no reversing radar or video in terms of safety ······ Not only that , If you are interested, you can check . therefore , No power, no configuration , What's the use of it ?

A lot of people say , This beggar version of Civic , It's a decoration , Because there will be no wronged big head to buy it . But sell it as a car , Can play “ Pull low price ” The function of , In this way, the low value of the guidance price looks relatively low , However, the price of a car with normal configuration is still higher than that of a car of the same level .

And common civic materials , There is also a certain gap . therefore , Although it attracted the attention of some friends before its debut , But the last car watching friends rarely choose it , That's why no one buys it now . For this car , What's your opinion ?

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