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Driven by Audi Benz! The noise is 0, as comfortable as high-speed rail

2021-08-27 03:58:12 Oriental Information automobile

Driven by Audi Benz ! The noise is 0 As comfortable as high-speed rail

Have to admit , Among many luxury car brands nowadays , BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi are the most authoritative , Their flagship models , There is no need to worry about sales at all , After all, young consumers see BBA Three logos , Are very envious of , In this situation , Naturally, the three German luxury brands are developing well in the market , But you also need to know , Among many luxury brands in the domestic market , There are also many bright luxury models , They are just because the family brand influence is not strong enough , There is no hot sales in the market .

In the German Department BBA Beyond the three brands , There are many luxury brands struggling to develop in the domestic market , Their models may not be as good as BBA Have face , But the price sincerity is greater , For example, the new Volvo we introduced today XC60, At present, it is a luxury with high cost performance SUV The models , In order to be recognized by consumers , The price reduction of some models has reached 12.69 ten thousand , The starting price also fell below 30 ten thousand , Absolutely sincere , Although there is still no competition at the same level Q5L、 Mercedes GLC The strength of the , But the monthly sales of several thousand has been a very good performance of the family .

The overall design of Volvo model is very in line with the concept of car selection of middle-aged consumers , Its design concept is very recognizable , Especially the headlamp shape of Thor hammer , It's very spiritual , The whole body line is also very clean , It feels like a strong and steady style , At the same time, the body side and tail of the new car are simple but not simple , It looks grand and elegant , Although not as attractive as Audi Benz , But it is also in line with the aesthetic concept of young consumers .

In space , The body length, width and height of the new car are 4688×1902×1658mm, The wheelbase of the car body has reached 2865mm, The ride of the whole vehicle can fully meet the needs of consumers .

Volvo models are mainly aimed at “ comfortable 、 Security ”, The new Volvo is matched with wood grain leather and other materials , Improved the texture of the interior very well , At the same time, the materials of the new car have also been well upgraded ,Nappa Leather fabric +Open Grid, Make the car feel very delicate , At the same time, the sound insulation treatment of the new car is also very good , The silence is almost 0, As for the safety configuration of the whole vehicle , It can provide a good guarantee for the driver .

Power engine design of the whole vehicle , New Volvo XC60 T4 by 2.0T Low power engine ,T5 This model is the flagship model ,2.0T The maximum output power of the high-power version is 254 horsepower , Peak torque reached 350N·m, Design of transmission system , All models are equipped with 8 Speed manual transmission , The data performance of the whole vehicle is absolutely excellent .

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