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Powerful, good control, strong sense of science and technology, lantu free pure electric version initial experience

2021-08-27 03:58:16 Oriental Information automobile

As a high-end electric vehicle brand of Dongfeng Motor , The birth of lantu car has attracted the attention of netizens , And the brand's first model --- Haze map FREE It's officially released , The new car provides extended range version and pure electric version 2 A power system , Total launch 4 Paragraph version , Price range: 31.36 Ten thousand yuan -36.36 Ten thousand yuan . according to the understanding of , Haze map FREE Is positioned as “ Performance level intelligent electric motor SUV”, And declared that it would be established as 30 All level SUV Value benchmark .

that , Haze map FREE What's going on ? In recent days, , The author was also invited to Shenzhen Bay Park to have a simple experience of vehicles . Don't talk much , Let's have a chat . In this closed site , We mainly focus on lantu FREE The pure electric version is accelerated in a straight line 、 Emergency braking 、 Around the pile sleeper road 、 Experience subjects such as bumpy roads .

As for the test drive, the model is 4WD , Its asynchronous motor , The most powerful 510kW(694 horsepower ), Peak torque 1040N·m, The characteristics of pure electric vehicles can be clearly realized at the moment of rapid acceleration , And the whole process is dizzy , Even a little scared . To put it simply , Its power is really ! Of ! , ! other ! Fierce ! official 4.7 Of a second 0-100km/h Speed up , It can be said that there is no water . however , In the subsequent braking experience , It will calm people down immediately , Because the braking performance of the vehicle is excellent , according to the understanding of , Because the vehicle is equipped with Bosch iBooster 2.0 Braking system and ESP 9.3Hev Body stabilization system , Its braking distance of 100 km is only 35.9 rice . But I think the most important thing is , When the vehicle is fully braked , The stability of the car body is very good , There is no excess swing , And the steering wheel is stable , As such a powerful medium and large SUV Come on , It's really hard .

Come to the pile around experience , Suspension system with front double wishbone and rear multi link structure , The vehicle shows excellent handling stability and support , And the steering is light and precise , Even if the speed is fast , Can control the vehicle well . Of course , Pirelli P-ZERO High performance tires have done a lot of work , Strong grip keeps the vehicle firmly on the ground , It can also significantly inhibit the body roll . in addition , Although it is a medium and large SUV, But the turning radius of the vehicle is very small in the same level , It will also be easier to drive on urban roads .

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