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Rivian CEO: r1t electric pickup will be delivered in September this year

2021-08-27 04:03:22 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 23 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , American electric vehicle start-up Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe In a recent letter to the subscriber ,Rivian R1T The electric pickup truck will be launched this year 9 Month delivery .


It is reported that ,Rivian Of R1T The electric pickup truck was launched last year 11 Start to accept reservations in January , The selling price is 7.5 Thousands of dollars , Mileage to 300 miles ( about 483 km ).

The company's R1T The electric pickup will be connected with Tesla's Cybertruck Electric pickup 、 Ford's F-150 EV And GM's Hummer EV Etc .

Foreign media said ,Rivian App Will be in R1T Before starting delivery , That is, it will be available for download at the beginning of next month , It means R1T May be in 9 Delivery starts in the middle and late of the month .

Rivian Founded on 2009 year , have only 11 Years of history , Is an emerging electric vehicle manufacturer . at present , The company's investors include Ford 、 Amazon, Cox, etc .

This year, 7 late , The company said , It has been completed by Amazon 、 Led by Ford Motor and Puxin group 25 Us $100 million financing . since 2019 Since then , The company raised... In just three years 105 Billion dollars , That's enough for it to start expanding .( Little fox )

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