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The decoration company did not pay wages, resulting in the suspension of the project. The court ruled: return the expenses!

2021-08-27 04:03:30 Beijing daily client

The decoration company received the decoration payment from the owner , But don't pay the workers , Lead to the uncompleted decoration , The owner will find someone else to decorate , More flowers 32 ten thousand . Miyun court 8 month 23 The news released today said , The court ruled , The decoration company shall compensate the owner for all losses 45.5 More than RMB .

A few years ago , Mr. Zhang bought a villa in Miyun , Ready to move in after decoration .2017 year 10 month , He signed a contract with a decoration company , For a period of 300 Days of decoration work , The decoration company contracts labor and some materials , The total cost is 253632 element . After the contract is signed , Mr. Zhang paid according to the contract , The decoration company carries out construction . However , According to Mr. Zhang , Some time after the decoration started , Because the decoration company failed to pay the workers' wages on time , Cause downtime .2018 year 9 month 18 Japan , The company promised to resume construction within a week , But then I couldn't get in touch . After Mr. Zhang went to the business address of the decoration company, he found , The building is empty .

after , Mr. Zhang was forced to find another company to continue the construction , Pay more for the project 32 Ten thousand yuan . Mr. Zhang sued the court afterwards , Ask the defendant to return the project money 516596.41 element .

however , The decoration company was legally summoned by the court , Failing to appear in court without justifiable reasons , No written reply was submitted .

After the announcement procedure , After trial by Miyun court , Make a judgment , The decoration company returned Mr. Zhang's project fund of 455200 yuan , Reject Mr. Zhang's other claims .

The judge said ,《 The civil code 》 Specified in the , The parties shall fully perform their obligations in accordance with the agreement . The defendant contracted the plaintiff's house decoration project , And signed a decoration project construction contract with the plaintiff , And the plaintiff has paid the defendant the corresponding project payment according to the contract . Both parties negotiate in the decoration project , Some ancillary works are added . The defendant shall, in accordance with the contract , Complete the decoration construction in time . The defendant stopped the construction without completing the construction content , Both parties have not settled . For the construction content completed by the defendant , It has also been identified by the identification agency , The project payment paid by the plaintiff to the defendant , The amount exceeding the project cost . The plaintiff asked the defendant to return the overpaid project payment , There is nothing wrong , The court supported . The amount of project funds returned , The court combined the payment receipt provided by the plaintiff 、 Expert opinions and the trial of the case , Comprehensive calculation .

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