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Ninety three people running on a new journey - "old me and old people" - she bears great love with her true feelings

2021-08-27 04:14:12 Red Net

Editor's note : In Hunan , There are a group of 93 people , They listen to the party 、 Follow the party 、 Thank the party , Always want to be with the Communist Party of China 、 Stand together 、 Work together , In order to promote the cause of multi-party cooperation in the province 、 It has contributed to the construction of a modern new Hunan .

To show the new achievements of the ninety-three people in Hunan 、 New style , The Jiusan Society Hunan Provincial Committee and the Red Net launch 《 Ninety three people running on a new journey 》 The column , Focus on a number of “ With nine three feelings 、 Set great ambition 、 Be a fighter ” The story of , Work together to draw the largest and most beautiful concentric circle .

Liao Yanfang ( in ).

Red net reporter Li Bing The intern Yuguo correspondent Li Chengjun Xiangtan reports

“ The truth is the sunset , Soft shoulders carry great love .” Engaged in the cause of providing for the aged for many years , This is everyone's recognition of Liao Yanfang , It is also the source of her struggle .

From strange to professional , She took one step at a time , Pour your enthusiasm and love into the old man , Show your love and responsibility for the elderly with practical actions ,

Become attached to medicine Practice “ Old me and old people ” action

1985 year 8 Yue Sheng Liao Yanfang , I never thought I would take the road of Medicine .

When I was a child, I was never interested in learning medicine , More preference for literary .2003 The year of college entrance examination , Happened to encounter SARS , From the television media, we can see patients, large and small, lying on the hospital bed moaning in pain , And when there's nothing I can do , Liao Yanfang, who hopes to help them do something , Planted the seeds of hope .

After the college entrance examination , Liao Yanfang applied for the Xiangya Medical College of Central South University without hesitation .“ I was young and impulsive , But never regret .”

2008 year 5 month 12 Japan , There was a big earthquake in Wenchuan , Liao Yanfang, who was practicing in the Second Xiangya Hospital at that time , Take the initiative to apply for registration , Because there was no professional nurse license at that time , Liao Yanfang was transferred to the logistics department , Help coordinate the transfer of the wounded , Comfort the wounded .“ Just be able to help them , It doesn't matter how big it is .”

Liao Yanfang after graduation , He went to Guilin health school to teach . While teaching , While preparing for the master's examination , Finally, take a written test 、 The first result in the interview was admitted to the school of nursing of Peking University , Also in the process of studying in Beijing , She further clarified her determination to devote herself to the cause of elderly care . During graduate school , She has participated in the national Aging Industry Expo as a volunteer for many times , Regularly visit and investigate major hospitals in Beijing , Organize and complete patient satisfaction survey .

After graduate students , She continued to choose to return to her hometown for Vocational Education , around “ Provide for the aged ”“ Health Promotion ” And so on . She went deep into the countryside to carry out an investigation on the current situation of elderly care in Xiangtan city , A three-month household survey on health literacy of Xiangtan residents was conducted in various communities of Xiangtan city , The result 《 Test report on health literacy level of residents in Xiangtan city 》 Won the second prize of philosophy and social scientific research achievement award of Xiangtan medical and health vocational and Technical College .

meanwhile , She often leads students in Xiangtan No. 6 hospital 、 Puqin Aging Industry Development Co., Ltd 、 Huaxin elderly apartments and other elderly care institutions carry out volunteer activities , Set an example to promote “ Old me and old people ” Traditional Chinese virtues , Deeply welcomed and loved by the elderly . Sort out the results 《 Youth with setting sun - Teaching design and implementation of accompanying practical activities 》 Won the third prize of teaching achievement award of Xiangtan medical and health vocational and Technical College . She also often goes to community colleges to teach , Lead the elderly to do educational activities every week , Give Way “ Active aging 、 Healthy aging ” Win support among the people .

Besides , Liao Yanfang also teamed up with her colleagues with puqin Aging Industry Development Co., Ltd , The innovation and entrepreneurship base of Xiangtan medical and health vocational and technical college was established - Xiangtan Yuhu District hepingqiao day care center , Rooted in the community , Promote... Through healthy living 、 Cultural and entertainment advocates 、 Provide elderly activity centers 、 Home day care services , Create a happy and old age group , Realize old people's friends “ There is a home for old people 、 The old have their dependence 、 Old people have fun 、 The old have their peace 、 Learn from the old ”.

Innovative elderly rehabilitation product development , Technology helps the elderly

Clinical is the best practice .

Liao Yanfang, who has been working on the front line for a long time , There is a new understanding of stroke .

Stroke is the first killer of Chinese residents' health , The incidence rate of elderly is especially high , Based on rich research results , Liao Yanfang found that the rehabilitation treatment of stroke patients in the market at this stage is subject to a long cycle 、 The cost is high 、 Complicated process and other reasons , Has been bothering patients and their families .

Home rehabilitation is the recovery period of stroke 、 It is an ideal choice for patients with sequelae , But due to the lack of guidance from a rehabilitation therapist 、 Can't find a suitable home rehabilitation product , The actual rate of home-based rehabilitation training is low .

To address this issue , Liao Yanfang has developed a model for stroke recovery 、 Multifunctional home rehabilitation treatment device in sequelae period , Three innovations have been realized : Idea innovation 、 Functional innovation 、 Service innovation , acclaimed .

Liao Yanfang applied the mechanism of motion coordination for the first time , The function combination realizes the perfect combination of mechanical function and human rehabilitation needs . Multifunctional combination +8 An intimate experience design + Anti fall function + Take the initiative 、 Passive dual mode .

In particular, it is worth mentioning . take “ Doctor's exercise prescription +AI Rehabilitation mode ”, Get through to the doctor 、 In patients with 、 Information channel of the device , Ensure the effectiveness of rehabilitation . The experimental results show that , convalescence 、 Patients with sequelae stroke use 1-3 After a month ,Brunnstrom Staging and activities of daily living were significantly improved , The patient experience effect is good .

The project is patented 5 term , Approved 1 term , It is highly recommended by Hunan medical skills innovation and entrepreneurship Committee , Red net, etc 5 The mainstream media pay attention to , And won the title of Lingtian technology, a well-known enterprise 24 Ten thousand yuan angel investment .2020 year 10 month , The project participated in Hunan Huang Yanpei entrepreneurship planning competition and won the first prize of Hunan Province .

at present , Comrade Liao Yanfang is committed to developing intelligent products for the elderly , Four patents are being applied for .

Take root in vocational education , Be a guide for students

From the cause of providing for the aged for many years , When Liao Yanfang felt her own shortcomings , Feel the pressure on the mountain .

Liao Yanfang thinks , We should guide more young friends to join this industry and fall in love with this industry .

In order to cope with the lack of clinical experience ,5 Over the years , Liao Yanfang used her summer vacation 、 Go to the hospital in winter vacation 、 Nursing institutions carry out clinical practice and further education 8 Months , And take advantage of the holidays to participate in various national training programs , Constantly improve their knowledge structure , Become a qualified “ Double division type ” Teachers' .

Liao Yanfang told reporters , Vocational education especially needs teachers to teach by example , Teachers can't just “ Be an armchair strategist ”, Also have considerable practical experience and ability .

As a professional teacher , Liao Yanfang adheres to the concept of three complete education , Take good care of students' growth , To solve their problems , Guide the way . Especially for poor students , She did her best to solve their problems in study and life . Liao Yanfang told reporters , Vocational education especially needs teachers to teach by example , Teachers can't just “ Be an armchair strategist ”, Also have considerable practical experience and ability .

In order to be a good guide for students , Liao Yanfang actively participated in various teaching research and reform activities , Committed to every class . The textbooks edited and participated in the compilation are 7 Ben , among 《 Introduction to nursing 》 Obtained excellent vocational teaching materials in Hunan Province ; Host and participate in 《 Construction of training system and evaluation index of compound elderly care nurses under the mode of combination of medical care and nursing care 》《 Research on integrating life education into nursing teaching in higher vocational colleges 》《 Study on the linkage effect of nursing students participating in the promotion of health literacy of the elderly in elderly care institutions 》 etc. 10 More than provincial and municipal teaching research and education reform projects . Participated in the teacher skills competition for many times 、 Micro class competition, etc , Prize winning 10 Remainder .

2020 year 11 month , Liao Yanfang was selected as a young backbone teacher in Hunan Province .

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