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This car is named little wildcat. It has been sold since 79800 and has a maximum endurance of 401km

2021-08-27 04:32:50 Oriental Information automobile

Force the female car owner market , Euler brand has another new move . As the current cat family model of Euler automobile , The white cat series has received a lot of attention from the outside world since its launch . In order to further enrich users' choices , Expand the product competition segmentation system ,2022 A white kitten and wildcat version has officially arrived . There are two options for this version , The price range after subsidy is 7.98 Wan to 8.88 Ten thousand yuan , In addition, what are the highlights of the new car ?

In the appearance part ,2022 Compared with the old model, the white cat and wild cat model is more dynamic and fashionable , At the same time, the official has also given “ Original factory refitted electric vehicle ” The title of , In many details of the exterior decoration, rose gold ornaments are added as ornaments , Recognition and youthful atmosphere are particularly eye-catching .

Come into the car , You can see that Euler has upgraded the interior materials and details , In the new black gold color 、 With the blessing of suede soft fabric , The overall sense of grade is relatively strong . In addition, in terms of configuration , The new car has also been upgraded for the top version 360 Degree panoramic image and other functions , The practicability and convenience have been improved accordingly .

Finally, at the power level , Euler white cat and little wildcat carried 35kW and 45kW Two kinds of drive motors , The corresponding peak torques are 125N·m and 130N·m, Under the support of battery packs with different capacities ,NEDC The maximum endurance mileage under working conditions is 360km and 401km, in addition 2022 The maximum endurance of the white cat upgraded luxury model is 305km.

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