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Test drive Mercedes Benz E-class: sports are not worth mentioning in front of luxury?

2021-08-27 04:32:53 Oriental Information automobile

A test drive Mercedes E These days , Just in time for the new C Class exhibition cars have arrived all over the country 4S shop , The media swarmed into the shop , Traffic platforms have given “C position ”, For a time, no two . new generation C The first reason for the high popularity of the class is the freshness brought by the new interior design language . Predictably enough , Mercedes Benz next year E The class will usher in a vertical replacement model , Will also use this set and new S level 、 new C A design language of the same generation . And my test drive 2021 With Mercedes Benz E 300 L, Last year 9 Listed in active service in January E A medium-term modified model of class . Although it's still a dual screen interior , But the appearance freshness is significantly improved , Its market attention and sales performance this year are still very strong .

After the medium-term change , Old money E Grade mouth corner “ Smiling ” Large grille design , Into a more rounded shape on both sides , The grid ratio has been reduced , The front face design language is more flat , New chrome plated strip under the front surround , More refined . The headlights of the new models have also been redesigned , The internal structure is more concise and sharp .

There is little change before the side and medium-term changes , The lengthening of domestic wheelbase is beneficial to enhance the gas field . The tail changes a lot , The main reason is that the shape of the tail lamp has been greatly modified , And the internal elements become dot matrix LED, Visually , The change of tail lights has greatly enhanced the recognition of the model on the road after the mid-term modification . The body rear contour modeling has also been fine tuned —— It's flatter , More rounded on both sides .

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