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From 128800 to 80000, with 4WD 7-seat version, larger than Honda CR-V

2021-08-27 04:32:56 Oriental Information automobile

This car today says it's Mitsubishi junisks . At the end of last year ,GAC Mitsubishi new Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX List , Inside and outside is a new , The lowest price is 1.6L The price of Fengshang is 99,800, as well as 2.0L The tail model of the science version is 1398 ten thousand . The main competition mode of new Mitsubishi junyas is Nissan , Honda XRV and Btrong, Buick Angola and other joint ventures SUV.

aesthetic , Compared with the current models, the new generation of outlander has earth shaking changes ,X The visual effect of the front face is very unique , And the air inlet grille also adopts split modeling design , The upper air intake grille is added with transverse decoration , The trapezoidal design below and the strong lower guard , It looks very rough .

The body side , The lines of the new generation of outlander are more diverse , Looks very young and fashionable . Also black A/B/C The columns were blackened , Create a visual sense of the suspended roof , Complement the new style rim below . The rear design is simple ,Y The zigzag tail lamp group is not only regular , And it's highly recognizable . The exhaust design of double side and double outlet , And the wild surrounding , It also adds a lot to it .

Compact tail , It looks angular , The middle through chrome plated strip adds a sense of design . The whole tail shows a sense of strength , It also tells you that this is a model that can take you wild . The interior design is simple and generous , The functional areas are clearly divided , Typical practical . The material is also wrapped with a large number of soft materials , It's still very classy .

In terms of motivation , The positioning of Mitsubishi Outlander is itself a city SUV, So it can't be compared with those real off-road vehicles , I chose 2.4L The models , It also has a four-wheel drive system , The biggest has 192 Horsepower output , Peak torque is 235 Cattle meters , The match is CVT Stepless gearbox , It is completely enough to meet the needs of daily household , We should treat the problem of fuel consumption objectively , It also depends on personal driving habits and road conditions , At present, the dashboard of my car shows 10 l , I think it should be higher , Because it is not very stable during the running in period , So it depends on the later performance , Very good handling , The workmanship of the chassis is quite solid .

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