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Geely boyue family will add new recruits and name it "Boyue X" for the first time in Chengdu auto show

2021-08-27 04:33:03 Oriental Information automobile

【 Smart car news 】 In recent days, , Geely motor officially announced Bo Yue ( Parameter picture ) Naming of new family models : Bo Yue X.X Represents the “Flux Energy storm 、Relax Enjoy freedom 、Outfox Outwit the future ” Of X New soul . According to Geely official wechat , The new model will make its debut at Chengdu auto show .

Geely official publicity map

In terms of body design , The biggest change between the new car and the current model is in the front , Compared with the current boyue model , Bo Yue X The shape is more aggressive . Its front face adopts the current popular big mouth design , Cooperate with large-size blackened air inlet grille , Like a beast with a big mouth , At first glance, you can feel a strong sense of oppression and impact . The whole front face shows “X” shape , There are some similarities with Lexus's design style . And on the side and tail , There is little difference between the new model and the current model , Only a red decorative strip is added at the bottom of the side to enhance the sense of movement .

Bo Yue X

motivation , The new car may continue to carry 1.8T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 135kW, Peak torque 300N·m, And what matches that is 7 Gear double clutch transmission . The power system that is consistent with the current model is continuously adjusted and run in , It can provide the driver with a smoother driving experience .

Bo Yue X

Since the launch of Xingyue brand , Geely began to focus on the high-end market , We have successively launched Xingyue S He Xingyue L Equal positioning 15 About 10000 new models , But limited by its relatively high price , It is difficult to achieve its task of increasing sales . This time Geely boyue launched a new model, boyue X, Or want to achieve the effect of walking volume through this model . Final specific configuration and selling price , You can pay attention to the upcoming Chengdu auto show .

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