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Set a single financing record in the cartoon industry, and look, it has completed a financing of US $240 million

2021-08-27 04:38:36 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 Japan , China's largest Guoman platform, look APP Announced a complete 2.4 Us $100 million financing , This round of financing is provided by CCB international 、One Store、 tencent 、Coatue、 Tiantu capital and other investments . This is the largest single financing so far , It has once again set a new record in the financing amount of the cartoon industry .

meanwhile , Look at the cartoon founder &CEO Annie Chen announced the latest user data in her internal email , At present, the total number of users exceeds 3.4 Billion ,Z Generation users account for 90%~94% Between , The total monthly life of the product is close to 5000 ten thousand , Record high . Thanks to the implementation of its own network wide strategy , The comics of the quick look platform have been distributed all over the country , And board more than 70 A content distribution platform , Put Guoman this kind of “Made in China Cultural consumer goods ” To the world .

When this round of financing is completed , Look, it's officially launched “ Double billion ” Creative support program , In the future 3 Annual investment 10 Billion yuan to support the original cartoon business , Additional input 10 Million yuan to join hands with partners to participate in the production of Manju . meanwhile , Quick look also provides community users with training programs from new creators to up-to-date creators ,“ Let creation happen better in quick view ”.

Look, it was founded on 2014 year , yes “ Guoman first platform ”, The number of active users exceeds the sum of the second to sixth places in the market , Market share exceeds 50%. at present , Quick look's comic business has made a profit , The total revenue scale is maintained every year 50% Growth of the above .

This year, 8 month 5 Japan ,“ Look comics ” Formal upgrade to “ Look at it. ”, Announced to build “ Super new Z generation ” Community .“ Super new Z generation ” yes 2000 Born years later , Than Z A younger generation , They are not only happy to consume content , More willing to create . Look, the largest in China “ Super new Z generation ” The crowd , They post with interest tags , Make friends with people tags , It has formed a unique community atmosphere and culture .

Chen Annie said :“ Guoman is Made in China Cultural consumer goods . Its development represents that Chinese readers have more and more cultural self-confidence , It also shoulders the mission of bringing Chinese culture to the world .”

picture source : Look at it.

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