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Autox conducts unmanned driving test in urban villages at night peak

2021-08-27 04:40:34 Car home

  [ Car home information ]  In recent days, ,AutoX Antu has released the latest night driverless video , Demonstrated the autonomous driving road challenge completed by its unmanned vehicle : On the noisy Village Road in the city at the evening peak , Dajielong based AutoX Fifth generation unmanned vehicle , Completed a variety of complex road conditions .

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『AutoX The unmanned car passed through the crowd 』

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『 Turn left unprotected 』

   The video just started ,AutoX The driverless car meets the dense pedestrians and vehicles crowded with the whole section of the path , Completely empty and driverless aroused people's curiosity , Cause everyone to stop and watch and shoot . In the crowd ,AutoX The unmanned car moves forward safely, carefully and wisely “ ceng ”, Express your intention to move forward to people , Through layers of people 、 Motorcycles and bicycles , Made an unprotected left turn , Drove out of the T-junction .

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『 Meet a car coming in the opposite direction , Win the right of way 』

   thereafter ,AutoX The unmanned vehicle has encountered the classic ultimate scene many times , For example, on a narrow road with a single lane width ,AutoX Unmanned vehicles and opposite vehicles “ meet on on a narrow path ”. For the first time ,AutoX The unmanned vehicle judges that it is closer to the exit , Therefore, the forward intention is expressed by moving forward and other signals , Won the right of way .

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『AutoX The unmanned car backed up to give way 』

   Soon ,AutoX Once again, unmanned vehicles are on a narrow road with a single lane width with opposite vehicles “ meet on on a narrow path ”, This time, , Vehicles on both sides are far from the narrow road exit ,AutoX The unmanned car backed up twice in a row , Make enough space , The two cars bypassed each other and the other successfully passed .

   It is reported that , The video released this time adopts AutoX The latest fifth generation system just released last month Gen5, Equipped with the world's top vehicle specification level hardware and electronic and electrical architecture , common 50 A high-definition vehicle gauge sensor , Include :28 individual 8 Megapixel car gauge camera , The sum of pixels per frame exceeds 2.2 Billion ; The highest resolution in the world 4D Millimeter wave radar , Angular resolution up to 0.9 degree ; HD lidar , Super per second 1500 10000 point cloud imaging .

   At the same time, the system is also equipped with AutoX Self developed core computing platform XCU, It is also the first in China L4/L5 Level assisted driving computing platform , Reached 2200 TOPS Calculate the force .

  2020 Beginning of the year ,AutoX Become the first company in the world to conduct completely driverless test in China and the United States at the same time , Completely driverless open road tests are conducted simultaneously in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley .AutoX It is the second company in the world to obtain an all unmanned driving test license in California . It is different from the scheme that only the driver is removed but the safety officer is still retained in the vehicle ,AutoX On the open roads in Shenzhen and California, the car is completely empty 、 Automatic driving without any safety officer . This year, 1 month ,AutoX Launched China's first 、 The second completely driverless commercial operation in the world , Announced in Pingshan District, Shenzhen .( compile / Car home Li na )

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