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Euler's first compact SUV, named cherry cat, will be launched at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-27 05:09:27 Oriental Information automobile

From the official of Euler automobile , At the Shanghai Auto Show Euler's big cat was officially named cherry cat , Cherry cat is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV, There will be two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions , With a range of 600km.

Appearance part , A completely new design LED The interior of the headlamp still has WEY Brand family three vertical daytime running lights . China open adopts hexagonal closed shape , Further highlight its identity characteristics of pure electric vehicle . Its length, width and height are respectively 4510/1855/1665mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm, Also with the WEY VV6 Relatively close .

interiors , The overall design is biased to the driver's side , More conducive to its operation , Large screen center console , With full LCD dashboard , And with HUD The head up display functions cooperate with each other , Very technical , And very practical . in addition , We can also see that the new car is equipped with rear parking radar 、 Rear view camera 、 Streaming media, rearview mirror camera, etc , It has a scientific and technological atmosphere .

Dynamic part , Euler cherry cat may provide two power versions , Both power versions use single permanent magnet synchronous motor , The maximum endurance mileage of lithium iron phosphate battery is 470 km , The energy density of the battery is 145.1Wh/kg; The range of cobalt free lithium battery is 600 km , The energy density is 172.3Wh/kg.

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