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Which is better, turbocharging or naturally aspirated? These differences, the salesperson will not tell you!

2021-08-27 05:09:29 Oriental Information automobile

Although at this stage, China vigorously promotes new energy models , But because the range and supporting facilities are not perfect , So I don't recommend starting electric cars now , If you like the advanced driving experience of electric vehicles, you can wait for the further improvement of fast charging technology and fast charging station . Then the existing fuel vehicles are divided into three categories , They are the turbine 、 Self suction or hybrid , When we buy a car, the salesperson usually recommends you to buy a hybrid or turbine , But I don't recommend you to buy self-priming , Can it be that self-priming really doesn't have the other two kinds of power ?

Salespeople only consider their own interests

Why do salespeople recommend turbines or hybrid motors to us ? The reason is that self-priming power is generally entry-level power , That is, low configuration models , You should know that high and low configuration models are important for 4S There are differences in the promotion of store salespeople , High configuration models not only have higher unit price , And in many 4S The store also has an extra commission , So for your own benefit , Most salespeople will recommend turbo or hybrid models , After all, they sell a car. Who doesn't want to get more commission ?

Put aside interests , In fact, a lot of 4S Sales in the store don't know much about car engines . They may tell you that turbine engines are powerful , The fuel consumption of the hybrid is low , As for the shortcomings, he avoided them , However, the advantages of self-priming engine will be avoided , And magnify the shortcomings infinitely , Thus misleading consumers to buy higher price, higher configuration turbine or hybrid version . But the truth is , Self suction 、 turbine or Hybrid has its own advantages and disadvantages , But these differences , The salesperson won't tell you !

Advantages and disadvantages of self-priming engine !

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