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Heavy release: Guide to the 24th Chengdu International Auto Show, with Travel Guide

2021-08-27 05:12:00 Oriental Information automobile

The 24th Chengdu International Auto Show will be held in 8 month 29 Japan -9 month 7 Japan (8 month 29 Media day ) Held in the Western China International Expo City ! This Chengdu International Auto Show brings together all over the world 130 More than top auto companies ! show 1500 More than 100 high-quality vehicles in the automotive industry ! The scale of the exhibition is 20 Thousands of square meters !

Chengdu International Auto Show is held once a year as one of the four major events A One of the first-class auto shows , Leading the wind vane of automobile consumption in the central and western regions , It plays an important role in promoting economic development . With the continuous development of Chinese automobile brands and the rise of new energy vehicles in recent years , In addition to the highlight models of domestic brands, this year's Chengdu International Auto Show , New energy vehicle enterprises will also have the brightest performance . The first hall has something to watch : Changan Automobile Group occupies half of the space , During the auto show, all models of Chang'an Automobile appeared , Among them, the new generation of Chang'an CS55 PLUS And UNI The series will have a significant performance . The latest model of Chang'an Auchan automobile X7 PLUS It will appear at Chengdu auto show ; Jietu automobile will usher in the first new car with a new logo , Chery car 、 Xingtu automobile joint booth will display the latest models, range the moon and stage large space boutiques SUV. SAIC Maxus will present all models at Chengdu auto show , Among them, villa RV is more attractive .

What to see in hall 2 : SAIC Volkswagen's pure electric models ID.4、ID.6 Is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot , The latest model of Geely Automobile is the new bingyue 、 The new popular king Geely is getting more and more popular L、 The more stars S Will appear at the auto show , The joint booth of Jianghuai Ruifeng and Sihao will display the new and modified models A5, Si Hao QX Models such as ; Shanghai automotive industry corporation MG The brand is very attractive , The third generation MG 6、MG 6 XPOWER、MG 6 PRO Have amazing performances .

Highlights of hall 3 : Tanks exhibiting independent brands for the first time SUV The brand will use its unique product power , Become the biggest highlight of hall 3 . Lincoln brand, whose sales have been rising in recent years, will also make great moves . SAIC Audi's first independent exhibition , domestic A7 Will show the strongest strength . Lexus medium and large luxury executive class car new Lexus ES Leading , Bring all models to Chengdu auto show . Dongfeng Nissan's whole series of models appeared , Among them, Qijun after the new generation will have a wonderful performance .

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