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L3 level driving assistance available? Guinness Seth G90 spy photo exposure

2021-08-27 05:18:31 58 car

In recent days, , Some overseas media found the Denise being tested at the Nurburgring circuit G90 models , It can be seen that the car adopts the latest family design , It's not difficult to guess its location from the car name , It will be better than G80 Bigger, more luxurious cars . Besides , The new car is expected to be in 2021 Officially unveiled within the year .

Although the road test is still covered with heavy camouflage , However, it can be seen from some details that the new car still adopts the large-size shield spoke air inlet grille that is the trademark of Denis , Pair with two side split LED headlamps , And the front bumper with narrow air inlet , It brings a very strong gas field to the whole vehicle .

The low body matches the straight lines on the side , Create the temperament of the flagship car , Double waistline and multi spoke hub painted in silver and black , It brings a sense of movement to the whole vehicle . meanwhile , Janice Seth G90 Hidden door handle design is adopted , It can effectively reduce wind resistance .

Although there are no interior spy photos , However, we speculate that the new car will adopt and G80 Similar dual width multifunction steering wheel 、 Through-air conditioning outlet 、 All liquid crystal instrument and suspended central control touch screen are very popular elements nowadays . Besides , It is reported that the car has confirmed that it will be equipped with lidar , And be able to achieve L3 Level automatic driving assistance system .

motivation , New cars or cash models will be cancelled 5.0L V8 The engine , But the new rear wheel steering is right G90 Owner's compensation .

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